The Resident Evil 4 Remake clock puzzle is likely one of the many it’s worthwhile to remedy if you wish to progress by way of the damaging halls and corridors of Salazar’s citadel, however this one sees you piloting Ashley as a substitute of Leon. Those that performed the unique game will bear in mind the part where a terrified Ashley needed to escape some murderous fits of armour, and the clock puzzle takes place throughout this. 

When you’re nonetheless exploring the citadel, you would possibly need to know open these Sq. Lock Bins, or full a number of the trickier requests, reminiscent of defacing Ramon’s portrait or finding the crow’s nest. It is value noting there’s additionally a secret weapon positioned within the Library, although you may have to come back again as Leon. In any other case, this is remedy the Resident Evil 4 Remake clock puzzle so you may assist Ashley escape. 

Resident Evil 4 Remake clock puzzle right time

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Resident Evil 4 Remake clock puzzle solution

Move the palms to the right time then activate it (Picture credit score: Capcom)
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Resident Evil 4 Remake clock puzzle solution written on note

On more durable difficulties the right time is written in Roman numerals (Picture credit score: Capcom)

Throughout chapter 9, after you full the chimera statue by returning its three heads, you may end up taking part in as Ashley in a sequence set in a darkish and spooky Library. With a view to progress and escape from the parasite-infested fits of armour wandering round, you may must enter the right time into a few massive grandfather clocks. The precise time for each clocks is determined by what difficulty you’re taking part in the game on: 

  • Assisted/Customary: The clock time is 11:04
  • Hardcore/Skilled: The clock time is 7:00

You will discover this information scrawled on a be aware after you’re employed out the right key for the elevator and head as much as escape the knights within the Library. In common difficulty, it is written plainly, however on more durable difficulties, it is written in Roman numerals it’s important to decipher. As soon as you’ve got set the right time and clicked enter, the massive grandfather clock ought to slide apart to disclose a passage that’ll lead right down to the mausoleum and the scariest knight part of all—there isn’t any escaping that bit I am afraid!