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How to Get Coconut in Stardew Valley


How to Get Coconut in Stardew Valley

On: July 15, 2023

Stardew Valley is home to materials and ingredients of every kind. From the most basic wheat to the most exotic Starfruit, fantasy and reality combine in such a unique way in the Valley. So, when tasked with getting a coconut, it’s not exactly unbelievable! However, as you probably expect, collecting these fruits does take some effort.

This brown, circular seed is one of the more rare items in Stardew Valley, combining a mid-game placement with some pretty particular requirements. This guide will explain where to find it and detail all of its various uses.

Where to Get Coconut

In order to get a Coconut in Stardew Valley, you need to forage in the Desert or, alternatively, find Palm Trees. The trees are located in the Desert and on Ginger Island, and both of them can drop the seed.

However, before Coconuts will appear in Stardew Valley, you need a Foraging Level of at least 1. You can get the fruits by looking around the desert, interacting with Palm Trees to shake them, or by cutting them down to get both the goods and some lumber.

Before you begin searching, make sure you have a Forage level of at least 1. Coconuts do not appear from any natural source before that point. Hopefully, by the time you fix the bus to get to the desert, you should have earned this level naturally.

Foraging in Stardew Valley is a fairly tumultuous task. If you’re looking for exactly Coconuts, you’ll need to move through maps to find them. Each loading screen has forageables that respawn on Sundays, so spend your Saturday walking through the desert if you want to find the hard fruit!

Palm Trees are the only way you’ll get these things consistently. While foraging for them on the desert floor might seem fine, it’s sharing a pool with other desert items like the Cactus Fruit – a decent food item and great gift for Linus – and the hard limit of weekly foraging hurts a lot. Palm Trees can’t drop anything else from being shaken and can be chopped down for both wood and their fruits in a punch.

You can also scoop up a coconut from the Oasis store on Mondays for 400g. The Traveling Cart can also sell them, every now and then, for way too much money. Sandy will give you one as a gift every once in a while, with a higher chance of her doing so at higher Friendship levels.

Different Uses For Coconut

Coconuts can be sold for 100g-200g depending on quality, or turned into Wine or Jelly, with the Wine being the much preferred method of profit. They can be gifted, with the entire town at least appreciating them except for Abigail. They are also used in the Exotic Foraging Bundle, for several exotic food recipes, and to create teleportation devices.

With recipes from Sandy, the Ginger Island Resort, and Leo, you can make some solid food. The Tom Kha Soup provides a large Farming buff and some Max Energy for a Shrimp and a Mushroom. The Mango Sticky Rice – using a Coconut, Mango, and Rice – provides a high Defense bonus. However, the Tropical Curry – using a Pineapple and Hot Pepper alongside the hard fruit – gives a titanic +4 to Foraging. That’s a great bonus!

You’ll need a Coconut to make a Warp Totem for the Desert, though that costs a ridiculous amount of Iridium. Speaking of ridiculous, for the low price of 1,000,000g, 20 Iridium, 10 Cactus Fruit, and 10 Coconuts, you can construct the Desert Obelisk from the Wizard’s Tower and always be able to teleport to the Desert.

Both of these high-cost items are worth the cost in the long run. The Calico Desert holds a lot of goods, from the Skull Cavern to the Oasis. Being able to spend your full day there without worrying about the Bus Stop is a very acceptable use of your money.

Expert Tip

If you want to profit from Coconuts, Wine is the way to go. 300g is the standard sale price, but it provides enough of a profit to be worth the wait. None of the game’s recipes improve the profitability of the coconut by enough to be worthwhile, and Artisan can further improve your profits while Foraging has no profession with buffs to price.

Tailoring and Quest Uses

The Coconut is used to make a Vacation Shirt and can be made into Dark Brown Dye or used for Orange Dye. Other than randomly generated quests, you can use the hard fruit for Sandfish or Scorpion Carp.

While Coconuts can be used for dark brown dye, there are various other items that might be slightly less expensive for the Orange Dye bucket option. The Vacation Shirt is lovely, though.

Your random quest profits from Gus and Pierre’s General Store are all good returns on profit and improve friendship with the Villagers. Always do them if you can, assuming you have a supply of the fruit on-hand.

Sandfish and Scorpion Carp can use Cactus Fruits for their pond upgrade, if you’re wanting to save on some of the rarer fruit. Either option allows for you to upgrade their pond from three to five, which is a decent investment. Both of these fish can produce Cactus Seeds or mediocre roe.

How to Get A Golden Coconut

Golden Coconuts are a rare drop on Ginger Island, obtained from Palm Trees and Artifact Spots. To guarantee that you find one, you’ll have to visit the Island Trader.

Assuming you’ve cracked one of the golden items beforehand, you can trade in 10 coconuts for a golden one at this location. The Island Trader is the strange blue guy on the North side of Ginger Island, located in a small hut.

Usually, you’ll find these golden variants as rare foraging drops. You have a 10% chance to find one from shaking a Palm Tree bearing coconuts and a smaller chance to dig one up from an artifact spot.

Blue Discus can make the item if their pond is at Population 9 or 10. This is a fairly high chance, at around 4.5% per day. Blue Discus are fairly low maintenance and don’t require many resources to improve their Pond Size, making them honestly pretty good Pond fish while you farm Golden Coconuts.

In order to unlock the Island Trader, you’ll need to hand over 10 Golden Walnuts after purchasing the island farmhouse. That means you’ll need to find at least 30 Golden Walnuts before you can start working for the Coconuts.

To access the trade, you first need to bring a Golden Coconut, along with 25g, to Clint. He cracks it open and hands you a Walnut. Afterwards, you can crack them to get a huge variety of items, from cosmetics to saplings and even Iridium Ore!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which villagers like coconut?

Haley and Linus have the “Love” level with Coconuts. Demetrius, Elliott, Harvey, Jas, Jodi, Kent, Leah, Lewis, Pam, Robin, Sandy, Shane, and Vincent will all accept the hard fruit. The only villager who won’t improve in friendship from it is Abigail.

Can you grow coconuts?

Technically! Palm Trees are able to regrow, allowing you to farm the same ones for Coconuts if needed. However, you can not grow them on your own farm.

Can you grow palm trees?

No, you cannot move or grow palm trees on your own farm in Stardew Valley. You have to travel to the Desert or Ginger Island to access the trees.