Discover fun and inventive ways to destroy the secret planets in Solar Smash

Solar Smash artwork
Image via Paradyme games.

Solar Smash is the latest planet destruction simulator that’s caught everybody’s attention. In which players must use a variety of weapons, such as lasers, missiles, asteroids, spaceships and even monsters. To destroy the planet. Allowing you to put your creativity to the test and watch the planet go out in style.

Today we’re going to be looking at how to get all of the secret planets in Solar Smash.

In total, there are eight secret planets featured in Solar Smash. Each of which comes with a unique appearance and set of requirements in order to unlock it.

Here are all of the secret planets in the game as well as how to obtain them.

Planet Name Requirements
Flat Earth Remove the top and bottom halves of the planet using the laser weapon (must be set to strength five). Reset the planet once you have just the middle portion left.
Donut Earth Remove the top and bottom halves of the planet using the laser weapon (must be set to strength five). However, don’t remove as much this time and leave more in the middle. Then, carve out a hole in the middle of the planet, reset and voila!
Cube Earth Open up your grid settings, and set the X, Y and Z values to the middle. Then lower each by one and destroy what’s left of the planet. Once you have perfect cube, reset the planet to unlock Cube Earth.
Snowman Use the Freeze Ray to cover the entire planet in ice. Then reset the planet and choose the snowman option from the “Unknown System” category.
Ghost World Use the purple ghost weapon (found in the monster tab) to demolish the Earth. You will have unlocked the Ghost Planet once you receive a notification saying that Earth has been blown to bits.
Trick or Treat Fire the Planet Killer (a weapon found in the UFO tab) anywhere on Earth. Thus heating up the core of the planet, causing it to explode. Right before the planet is about to explode, reset it.
Gingerbread Man Take the Planet Killer weapon you just used for “Trick or Treat”, but this time use it on the Snowman. Same as before, wait until just before the planet is about to blow up before resetting it.
Blockworld With the Cube Earth selected, fire a Healing Missile at the planet. The missile will let out a green, regenerative mist once it makes contact with the planet. While the mist is on the Cube Earth, reset it.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get all secret planets in Solar Smash. If you found this guide helpful, be sure to check out our guides section for more information on other popular gaming titles.