While you get right all the way down to it, is there actually any distinction between Warhammer 40,000 and Doom? Completely offended house marines, big weapons, sci-fi installations being invaded by demons from literal Hell… principally all the identical, innit? Actually, it is a surprise nobody’s made a Warhammer boomer shooter prior to now. 

Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun retains issues gloriously easy. After a charmingly unsettling opening cutscene, the preview construct simply drops me on a planet filled with Chaos cultists with a chainsword and a dream, and tells me to have at it. Instantly I am racing across the map sending up pixelated sprays of blood, discovering weapons that will be banned below the Geneva Conference, and slotting comically massive keys into management panels to open doorways to locations filled with much more horrible enemies.

(Picture credit score: Auroch Digital)

It is an absolute blast. The weapons—on this set of ranges together with a boltgun, a shotgun, and a plasma gun—are chunky and beautifully satisfying, and the game makes positive you’ve got at all times obtained extra targets to make use of them on. The shotgun particularly is a brand new all-timer for me, taking enemies aside in booming blasts worthy of an Ultramarine. The maps are easy and constructed to be raced by, however filled with secrets and techniques and energy ups for curious explorers to uncover. It is quick, easy, gorey enjoyable that could not really feel extra acceptable to the heavy steel world of Warhammer. The truth that it has a devoted ‘yell on the enemy that you’ll kill them’ button actually sums up its vibe. 

Visually, it attracts closely on Doom—enemies are 2D sprites animating in a 3D world—however with some fashionable lighting and particle results that come collectively into one thing actually placing. And a surprisingly broad number of enemy sorts, from cultists and Chaos Area Marines to Pink Horrors and Plague Toads, means there’s at all times some new ugly foe to catch your eye (and your bullets).

Simply as its aesthetic combines retro and fashionable strategies, the motion too appears like a intelligent mixture of the conventions of Doom with extra fashionable FPS concepts. Boomer shooter purists might cock an eyebrow at having a charge-dash capability on a cooldown, a devoted grenade button, and melee assaults, nevertheless it all provides as much as an expertise that is old skool but accessible. Should you like the thought of shooting monsters with massive weapons at excessive velocity, likelihood is you will like this no matter whether or not you’ve got spent the previous couple of years taking part in the likes of Nightfall and Ultrakill or not.

(Picture credit score: Auroch Digital)

And positively anybody who’s an enormous fan of Warhammer 40,000 will discover loads to like. Devoted touches embody Pink Horrors splitting into Blue Horrors when slain, Nurgling designs that decision again to beloved minis, and a injury system constructed across the energy and toughness scores of the tabletop game. 

Boltgun would not have a launch date introduced but, however what I’ve performed already felt very full—hopefully it will not be for much longer earlier than it comes sprinting onto Steam, screaming and hoovering up health pickups.