Medieval Dynasty
Medieval Dynasty

In this guide we will tell you about how to use cheats in Medieval Dynasty and the full list of cheats to use. Unfortunately, in Medieval Dynasty dev console is disabled but there is another way to use the cheats.

Whenever you are starting a new game you are allowed to activate Medieval Dynasty Cheats but you are not given access to them once you have begun the game.

Medieval Dynasty Cheats and their effects

  • Difficulty
  • Length of Season (Days) – Days a Season lasts.
  • Taxes – tax charged for buildings and crop fields.
  • Buildings Limit – maximum number of buildings you can have.
  • Events – Events on or off.
  • Unlimited HP – invulnerability on or off.
  • Unlimited Stamina – Stamina consumption on or off.
  • Lack of Hunger – need to eat Food on or off.
  • Lack of Thirst – need to drink Water on or off.
  • Unlimited Weight – infinite carry weight on or off.
  • Inhabitants – Food Needs – change the Food needs
  • Inhabitants – Water Needs – change the Water needs 
  • Inhabitants – Wood Needs –  change the Wood needs
  • Bandits – Bandits on or off.
  • Enemies – HP – change enemy HP.
  • Enemies – Damage – change enemy damage.
  • Poisoning – Poison status effect on or off.
  • Temperature – Temperature system on or off.
  • Fast Crafting – craft all items in one cycle
  • XP Gain Multiplier – change the amount of XP gain.
  • Technology Gain Multiplier – change the amount of Technology gain.
  • Dynasty Reputation Multiplier – change the amount of Dynasty Reputation gain.
Medieval Dynasty Cheats and Console Commands List & how to use

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