Mass Effect Legendary Edition
Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Wrex is one of the most popular characters in the original “Mass Effect” series. Although the legendary version does not add too many stories, there are already enough Wrex for gamers. There are also tasks to help you understand the history of Wrex. Completing these tasks can also help you earn Rex’s loyalty.

This becomes very important throughout the game, especially in the final suicide mission of Mass Effect 2. Let’s see how to get Wrex series armor in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

Since the Krogan rebellion, the armor of the Wrex family has always existed on a planet called Tuntau. You just need to talk to Wrex in Normandy and use all the dialogue options to get the mission in Shepard’s journal. After a few conversations, he will tell you his past. How he was deceived by his father and how to obtain the armor of the Rex family.

Another way to get the mission is to land directly on Tuntau and look for someone in armor. You will find the person in Tuntau’s Phoenix system.

After landing in Tuntau, players can find the Actus base in the south where they landed. The base will be protected by the enemy, so please fill up your arsenal. Be careful, because there will be many guards inside. The guards are easily defeated because they are pirates. Once you have finished defeating them, go upstairs to the base. You can find a safe containing armor, it will be encrypted, but can be easily bypassed and decrypted.

We recommend that you perform the mission with Wrex, because when you get the armor, he will comment on the armor and trigger another conversation. The dialogue will not change in any way, but completing the mission will definitely earn Wrex’s loyalty, which will help you save everyone on your final suicide mission.