Mass Effect Legendary Edition
Mass Effect Legendary Edition

The Mass Effect series is about love and is equipped with many different romantic options for male and female Shepards. Although squadmate choices like Tali and Garrus have been loved and recognized by the community, there are also some less recognized non-squad romantic options. The best of these secondary options is Yeoman Chambers or Kelly in Mass Effect 2.

In this guide, we will show how to make Kelly fall in love in Mass Effect 2 and bring this love into Mass Effect 3 (if you choose). There are a few conditions that need to be met in order to romance Kelly in Mass Effect 2.

You should always choose to stay friendly and flirt with Kelly, no matter when you get your first chance. After each mission, check in with her and make sure to encourage her to use her first name instead of Yeoman Chambers, and usually choose the flirty option when available.

For example, say you’ll embrace her when she falls. When she regrets being too flirty, be sure to tell her that you like her and continue to cheer for her. Keep working that Shepard charm essentially.

If you do all these things and are not in any current relationships with anyone else, and you can be sure that she survives the event of the final mission, if you are not sure how to do it, please follow this guide because we are Try to keep this guide relatively free of spoilers, then it will be golden. After completing the last mission, Kelly will send an email saying that she wants to visit him privately in his room. Enter your room, call Kelly on the intercom, your romantic scene will be locked in.

How to Continue Kelly Romance in Mass Effect 3

As long as you have done all the above work in “Mass Effect 2”, Kelly will once again become the romantic choice in “Mass Effect 3.” You need to make sure to see Kelly at the Citadel in the refugee camp area. Talk to her, be nice to her, and encourage her to change her identity. If you don’t do this, Kelly will not survive the story on the Citadel.

After this attack, you can contact Kelly again at the camp and she will ask if you are dating anyone. If not, you can respond like this, and the romantic scene will eventually develop again between you and Kelly. Kelly will give you a photo later, that you can keep in your office.