Mass Effect Legendary Edition
Mass Effect Legendary Edition

In 2183, cultural relations are still very alive. At least, this is the fictitious prediction of the developer of “Mass Effect: Legendary Edition”. When fans think of the races in the “Mass Effect” trilogy, they’ll think of humans, asari, geth, quarians, turians, and salarians. If they think of more with whom they had a positive interaction with them, they will even think of volus and elcor.

Perhaps it is designed, that the batarians are something of an afterthought. Even some Paragon statements of Shepard have even put down batarians even less than degenerate slaves. Of course, this still has no excuse for Ka’hairel Balak to try to eliminate the entire colony. When finally catching up with him on Asteroid X57 during the Bring Down The Sky mission, the player will have a choice that has lasting repercussions until the game is over.

Letting Balak Live

Nobody will say which is the best option for lore and stories, because everyone will have different preferences. But it should be noted that the benefits of bringing Balak to life outweigh the benefits of killing Balak. Sometimes players can choose to eat cake or pie, but this is not one of them. If Balak is allowed to live, he will escape and not reappear until much later. However, the hostages, including Kate Bowman, will survive.

Instead of battling it out with Balak, he diffuse three bombs in a short period of time while attacking more units released by Balak when he escaped. During “Mass Effect 2,” a press announcement will discuss failed efforts to bring Balak to justice, and Kate Bowman will send a thank you note to Shepard.

Then, in “Mass Effect 3”, Barack will land on Shepard and point the gun at him. Using cunning persuasion, Shepard can persuade Barak to join the action against the Reapers, helping the war. Otherwise, Shepard could turn him over and kill him without any reward.

Finishing Balak Off

Although this may reduce returns in the long run, killing Balak seems like the right way out of the pure principle. Kate Bowman and other scientists will die. It is worth mentioning that after a boss fight, Barak can be killed in a cutscene immediately.

Players can also choose to arrest Balak rather than kill him, which will give the player a nice combination of paragon and renegade points. For players who want to maximize both meters, this may be the best option. In fact, the game will continue with future activities as if Balak had been killed by this method.

Instead of the thank you-note, Shepard can learn about her father Kate’s ceremony for Kate Bowman while watching the news on Mass Effect 2. If there is no Balak, another batarian will step in and rule. Batarian will fully interpret Barack’s work in Mass Effect 3 and, like the previous option, you can either negotiate with him or kill him.