Mass Effect 3
Mass Effect 3

To get high Effective Military Strength, here’s what you’ll have to do throughout the trilogy:

  • Complete as many side missions as possible to discover War Assets and recruit important NPCs to your side.
  • Scan as many planets as you can in Mass Effect 2 to discover additional War Assets.
  • Try to do everything you can to save lives, like in suicide missions. Note: Sometimes the game will reward you unique assets for not saving lives, such as a new general if you let the Council die in the first Mass Effect. From a War Asset standpoint these are typically not valuable enough to make a big difference, so just focus on saving crewmates and main characters as possible.

Some other things to note about Effective Military Strength:

  • In addition to influencing choice options, Effective Military Strength determines whether Earth survives, how many Normandy members survive, and whether Shepard survives.
  • The extended cut reduced the required EMS to 3,100, so this will likely also be the Legendary Edition’s EMS requirement as well—although we cannot confirm this at the time of writing..
  • Mass Effect 3 also lets you replay the game from the start of the final mission mission to learn how to play various endings.
  • The best ending sees the earth and most Normandy crew survive and leaves you with a tease that Shepard could be alive still. The others are variations on that, with various crew members dying, becoming synthesized, or Earth being destroyed.
  • BioWare stated that extended cut ending is default in Legendary Edition, making the rebalanced EMS state even more confusing. However, the developer also said the same best practices for Galactic Readiness apply: completing as much side content as possible to keep the crew alive.