Mass Effect Legendary Edition
Mass Effect Legendary Edition

The latest in the original “Mass Effect” trilogy is full of life and death choices and the consequences of past actions. Some will determine whether the popular support role will survive, while others will determine the fate of current and former members. Therefore, you may have been thinking: Can you save Mordin in Mass Effect 3 by making certain choices?

Fortunately, we provide you with the answers you need. Read on to learn how to influence Mordin’s fate, when to make the decision to change, etc. Oh, this is a reasonable warning: There is a *huge spoiler* ahead.

In the main story mission of “Mass Effect 3”, “Priority: Tuchanka”, Mordin will have to stay behind in the exploding shroud in order to successfully a cure for the Genophage’s treatment. In most game scenes, Mordin could not withstand the impact of the explosion and died as a result.

However, if the appropriate conditions are met, there is a way to leave the tower in time and continue living. However, these conditions are determined by the actions taken in the three games of the trilogy, so it takes a long time to execute.

First, you need to talk to Wrex and fail when Wrex confronts Shepard on Verrmire in Mass Effect for the first time. This will result in his brother Wreav being appointed as the leader of the Urdnot clan, and his focus will be on conflict rather than repopulation.

Similarly, in Mordin’s Mass Effect 2 Loyalty mission, you must destroy Maelon’s data. This will prevent Mordin from being able to treat Eve properly while developing a cure, and will die. Finally, you must hide the information about the Shroud being sabotaged through the entire mission.

In this way, Mordin won’t know about it until he reaches the tower, and can be persuaded to leave the tower through dialogue and survive in order to guide the Krogan toward a better future in Wrex and Eve’s absence. Then, he will escape and inform you of his survival via a message later on in the story.