Mass Effect Legendary Edition
Mass Effect Legendary Edition

After finding the gray box in the “Stealing Memory” loyalty mission of Mass Effect 2, players are faced with a difficult choice. More specifically, fans must decide whether Kasumi should keep or destroy the gray box. Although this choice will not affect the game in any major way, there are still consequences to be aware of.

Players will find detailed information about these consequences in this guide, and it should help fans choose Kasumi loyalty missions in Mass Effect 2.

First of all, it is important to mention that no matter how the players choose to resolve this decision, Goto will become loyal. In this way, the fans only need to consider what they want for the master thief’s future when making this decision. They will hear more about how his life has been affected during a mission in Mass Effect 3. You can find it below, although it is worth noting that there are also some Mass Effect 2 and 3 spoilers there.

After establishing this goal, Kasumi reappeared in “Hanal Diplomat” in “Mass Effect 3”. If she keeps the gray box, it means that she has spent a lot of time connecting to the device. Of course, if the gray box is destroyed, this will not be the case, and she will instead speak more generally about the mission at hand.

Therefore, it is recommended that “Mass Effect” players who wish to be free Keiji Okuda’s memory should destroy the gray box, although the final choice depends on personal preference.

Please note that failure to complete Kasumi’s loyalty mission has greater game consequences than the decision to keep or destroy the graybox. Similarly, these consequences can be seen in the Hanar Diplomat side mission, the most important of which is that Kasumi will not appear at the end of the mission if the stealing memory is not completed.

This will prevent players from recruiting her as a resource for war, although this does not prevent them from getting the best ending in Mass Effect 3.

The last thing to say is that all of this assumes that Kasumi survived the suicide mission in “Mass Effect 2,” because if she hadn’t, she would obviously not appear in “Hanar Diplomat.” In this case, players will face a new choice during the “Mass Effect 3” side mission. The choice revolves around saving Jondum Bau or stopping the upload, and finally determining the War Asset they receive.