Mass Effect Legendary Edition
Mass Effect Legendary Edition

While exploring the ZakeraWard of the castle in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, Commander Shepard met a Volus who accused the young Quarian of stealing his credit chit. Shepard can clear the name of the Quarian’s by looking for missing elements. This guide will explain how to operate.

Players can go to the 26-story tower of Zakera Ward and start the side quest of Mass Effect 2: Crime in Progress. Volus, Qualian and a senior C-Sec official will stand behind the divider, almost directly in front of the Rapid Transit station. When interacting with the team, Volus will ask the C-Sec officer to arrest Quarian for stealing his pockets.

In general, Volus also expressed a strong dislike of the people in Quarian, calling them a thief. The human Officer is not much better, saying, “You know what Quarians are like.” If Tali is in Shepard party, there will be more conversations on the scene. She will have a debate with “Military Officer” and “Volus” and share some words of sympathy with her partner Quarian.

Facts have proved that in “Mass Effect 2,” the residents of “Citadel” have a lot of prejudice against the Quarians. In the conversation, both parties mentioned meeting outside the Sirta Foundation store at level 26. Quarian also mentioned visiting used ship merchants at the same level. However, talking to a clerk in any store will not help.

Shepard must go to the Saronis App Store located in the back left corner of the main room at No. 26. After talking with Salarian’s clerk, it was discovered that Volus left it behind after purchasing something from the store. The clerk asked Shepard to tell Volus that he has it behind the counter. Shepard only needs to return to the group and introduce Chit’s location to complete the tasks in “Mass Effect 2” and earn 40XP, 1,000 Credits and 5 Paragon points.

Neither the Volus nor the C-Sec officer would particularly appreciate the help of the commander. They also did not apologize to quarian, because Volus only said that she “may have stolen it.” At the same time, the official threatened to arrest the Quarian as a sign of vagrancy. However, Shepard can perform a Paragon Interrupt to call them both out for their behavior.

Even compared to other interrupts in Mass Effect 2, the interrupt is especially tight. The player must be ready to press the button immediately after the icon appears. Doing so will provide Shepard with 5 Paragon points, for a total of 10 points. Players will also be satisfied to see that both characters are knocked down. At the end of the conversation, Tali and Quarian will exchange a few other lines.