Mass Effect Legendary Edition
Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Dr. Saleon is Salarian scientist and Garrus Vakarian is investigating his time at C-Sec. Garrus was able to find evidence that Dr. Saleon was using live beings to collect organs from and trade them to the black market. As Commander Shepard discovered, Garrus is committed to bringing bad guys to justice – even if it means evading the penalties of the law, Mass Effect fans will think this is a traitor role, although this trait may change with time. C-Sec was unable to reach Saleon in time and took no further action. Now, Gareth wants Shepard to chase him.

Garrus’s loyalty task in “Mass Effect 1” is very simple. Shepard will first find Dr. Saleon’s new laboratory in the Herschel system on the outskirts of Kepler. Of course, Turian will ask you to join Commander Shepard in accomplishing this task, just like Wrex wanted to go with Shepard when he was searching for his family’s armor. Shepard doesn’t have to take him, but it will affect some conversations.

After reaching the new lab, Shepard just needs to navigate the building and survive the test subjects (basically Thorian Creepers) until they meet Dr. Saleon. He will try to lie to disguise his true identity, and then Shepard must decide whether to let Garrus shoot and kill Dr. Saleon or tell him to back down.

Morality and the Renegade/Paragon system play an important role in the “Mass Effect” series. At first glance, it can affect certain dialog options, which can be critical for the execution of the task. But beyond that, the way Shepard handles conflict and responds to his staff’s concerns can change roles.

Allowing Garrus to kill Dr. Saleon or let him go can further transform Garrus into a Renegade tree or a Paragon tree, respectively. This will affect Garrus’s role in Mass Effect 2, so players decide here how they make Garrus Vakarian appear at the other end of the mission.

But in any case, Dr. Salen will eventually die from Mass Effect. If Sheppard asks Garros to stand down, Salion will try to object to being taken away and point a gun at Shepard, but he has very little health.