Mass Effect Legendary Edition
Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Mass Effect is just the first in a trilogy in BioWares Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, although it is certainly not the least. The ending of the first game in the franchise allows Shepard to make a difficult decision, whether to save the Council or kill them.

Either way, the choice that is made won’t have a huge impact on the sequel. However, the end of the Mass Effect story still has some influence, and the ending is considered good or bad, mainly because of the immediate results, which means that only one of them is the best of the two. That being said, for those who want to remain loyal to their Renegade or Paragon paths, this guide provides all the detailed information.

Save the Council

If the player chooses to save the Council in the final battle, Shepard will order the Alliance to save Destiny’s Ascension, and Admiral Hackett leads the Alliance fleet to fire on the geth ship. Once cleared, Hackett ordered the remaining warships to focus all firepower on Sovereign.

In epilogue, Shepard received the gratitude of councilors of all races in public (as a Paragon) or in private (if he is a Renegade). Humanity has gained greater representation on the Security Council, requiring Shepard to vote for Captain Anderson (Paragon) or Ambassador Udine (Renegade). This selection will only change the people you know as a council representative in Mass Effect 2.

Let the Council Die or Concentrate on the Sovereign

Both options have the same result, although the first offers Renegade points, while the second grants Paragon points. Choosing either option will focus the Alliance fleet’s firepower on Sovereign, forgoing the geth ships attacking Destiny Ascension, and completely ignore any calls for help. This ultimately resulted in the death of the Council members.

In closing remarks, Shepard met with Anderson and Udine, and Udine details the plans for humanity to take control of the Council. Paragon’s score is very high, so the council is made up of various races and a human leader, and the Renegade’s score is high, resulting in the council being made up entirely of humans.

Shepard was also asked to choose Anderson or Udina as the sequel, although the changes in the sequel are roughly the same as in the other ending. However, the notable difference is the dissatisfaction of the other races in the sequel with humans.

As for the best ending of the two, neither has a major impact on the way the sequel is played. The only thing players need to remember is who they choose to serve on the board. Still, Mass Effect 2 requires players to reconfirm the same decision so they can choose others.

Although this makes the decision pointless, dedicated Renegades and Paragon may be inclined to obey or resist these tendencies, and there is certainly room to do so.