Building your friendships in Marvel’s Midnight Suns is hugely important for unlocking new rewards and abilities. That’s why you’ll want to put effort into hanging out with your superhero compadres when you’re not off fighting crime. At one point in your friendship journey, Nico will ask you to help her with a surprise party for Magik. However, you then have the choice to inform Magik about the party because she despises surprises. So, should you tell Magik about the Party or not? We have the answer in this guide.

Should You Tell Magik About the Party?

On top of actively hanging out with superheroes, dialogue choices in Marvel’s Midnight Suns also play a factor in your friendship level with characters. That’s why there is some heavy importance on whether you decide to tell Magik about her surprise party or not. First, Nico will approach you with the idea. However, as you begin to plan you learn that Magik hates surprises, which then gives you the option to tell her about the surprise or not. Heads up, spoilers ahead.

Whichever decision you choose, you still get the same result: Magik storms off and Nico sends you to go talk to her. However, if you choose to tell Magik about the party, she will get really upset at just Nico and not the Hunter (you). This way, you won’t lose any friendship XP with her. If you don’t tell Magik about the party, she will still mainly be upset at Nico, not you, but you will lose some friendship XP with her. You don’t lose friendship XP with Nico from either decision.

So, essentially the best option is to tell Magik about the party so that you don’t lose friendship XP with her. However, regardless of the decision you choose, it will still have the same effect on the story. So the decision to tell Magik, or not, isn’t dire. It merely will see you lose a small bit of friendship XP if you decide not to tell her. So, if you don’t want to lose the friendship XP, make sure to mention the surprise party to Magik!

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