Marvel’s Midnight Suns is taking a completely new, tactical RPG approach to the superhero genre of gaming. Notably, it allows you to assemble your own superhero team and fight through the game’s story in turn-based combat. Obviously, sizing up superhero teams against friends or other players online would be a fantastic feature. That’s why many players want to know if Marvel’s Midnight Suns support multiplayer. Well, we may have some bad news.

Is Marvel’s Midnight Suns Multiplayer?

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a strictly single-player story adventure. It does not have local or online multiplayer. This means that you cannot fight alongside your friends or against them in a separate game mode.

Obviously, this may come as a surprise given that the game’s tactical-RPG style. Combined with the ability to assemble your own team of superheroes, it would make for a pretty fun turn-based multiplayer experience.

However, it comes as more of a surprise considering the developer Firaxis’s history. Firaxis has done tactical RPGs before with the XCOM series, and XCOM 2 had multiplayer alongside its launch back in 2016. In this, players would customize their squads and face off against each other on a randomly generated map. Essentially, in the same vein, we would expect to see it from Marvel’s Midnight Suns. With that in mind, it seems completely reasonable that Marvel’s Midnight Suns should include some sort of multiplayer in the game.

Sadly, Firaxis hasn’t mentioned plans to add multiplayer to Marvel’s Midnight Suns. The developers haven’t commented on the possibility of it coming in the future, either. For now, all you can do is hope that Marvel’s Midnight Suns will get a multiplayer game mode at some point in the future.

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