You’ll spend half of your time in Marvel’s Midnight Suns perfecting your deck for the game’s turn-based action gameplay and the other half in downtime, exhausting the RPG aspects, such as getting to know the other superheroes. You complete the majority of the RPG components in the Abbey, the superhero’s covert church hideout. If you wish to uncover all the mysteries and secrets of the Abbey, you’ll need to find all of the elemental rods buried within the hideout. Of those, the Earth Rod is the most challenging. So, read on because we tell you where to find it below.

Where to Find the Earth Rod in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

You can find the Earth Rod in Marvel’s Midnight Suns right at the fast-travel point in Hunter’s Folly. The proper way to uncover its exact location is by using the book of the Scarlet Witch, found in the library. Wanda was attempting to charge these wands and exploit their power, so only she knew where they are. Good thing she’s logged it all in her magical book, which will give you a different hint every night as to where each rod is.

The clue for the Earth Rod will lead you to Hunter’s Folly. Just east of this location you will see a big stone door wall, with two statues next to it. To open it, you need to use Hunter’s first Word of Power right in front of the doorway. Once it opens up, the Earth Rod will be tucked in the ground, just below to the left of the doorway. It’s glowing bright green and evidently, pretty hard to miss.

Hopefully, at this point, you’ll have also collected the Air, Water, and Fire elemental rods along with the Earth Rod and can further complete this quest. If you’re having trouble locating those, here’s a quick tip for each one. The Water Rod is under the bridge at the Abbey’s pool. The Fire Rod is on a pedestal in the Chapel, at the bottom of the Abbey. Lastly, the Air Rod can be found to the southeast of Agatha’s Altar. You’ll notice an archway and locked door here. Use the Word of Power to open it and follow the path to the Air Rod.

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