Longtime YouTuber Mark “Markiplier” Fischbach has revealed that he’s directing and starring in an adaptation of Iron Lung, final yr’s breakout indie horror game from Nightfall developer David Szymanski. Markiplier has uploaded a teaser trailer of the challenge to his YouTube channel.

Szymanski’s most well-known creation, Nightfall, is without doubt one of the tent pole entries of the current retro shooter renaissance. 2022’s Iron Lung, in the meantime, shares the same retro rendering aesthetic however goes for extra of a “claustrophobic horror” vibe than a “sliding round at 60mph serving each barrels to cultists” one. You play as the only real crewmember of the titular Iron Lung, a windowless submarine underneath an ocean of blood. It’s important to navigate this alien seafloor with the assistance of varied analogue devices and a grainy, black and white digicam mounted to the outside of the sub whereas one thing stirs on the market within the rusty depths.

Markiplier, in the meantime, uploaded a full let’s play of the game final yr. If the truth that he is making a film out of the factor did not clue you in, the YouTuber beloved it, declaring, “That was glorious, that was unimaginable; I actually beloved that have” on the finish of the playthrough and praising Iron Lung’s pervasive sense of dread. This is not Markiplier’s first experiment with extra narrative, cinematic content material both—he is beforehand produced the sequence “In House with Markiplier.”

The film’s teaser begins with a shot of the chunky, low-fi inside of the in-game submarine whereas a voice crackles by means of on a loudspeaker describing the hull integrity of the submarine and circumstances exterior. It cants to the facet, as if it have been sinking, earlier than the digicam reaches the ground and transitions to a real-life mockup of the identical set.

Again in February, Szymanski just about simply tweeted an announcement of the challenge: “This summer season. Starring Markiplier as John Iron Lung and Jacksepticeye as The Fish. Soundtrack by [Dusk and Doom Eternal composer Andrew Hulshult].” It was the proper non-reveal, as a result of it scans as a basic shitpost. Nicely, Markiplier and Hulshult are in, however YouTuber Jacksepticeye and a summer season launch window stay unconfirmed.

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New Blood head Dave Oshry clarified to us that he and the opposite builders within the collective don’t have any direct involvement within the challenge, stating that the Iron Lung film “is all David and Mark,” however (maybe jokingly) permitting that “if this goes effectively perhaps we will make a Nightfall and Religion film.” That simply begs the query of how they will deal with the cart canine.

I am undoubtedly intrigued⁠—so far as videogame variations go although, Iron Lung looks as if onerous mode: a largely one-man, one-room show, one thing like 127 Hours or That Film Where Ryan Reynolds Bought Buried Alive With a Cell Cellphone. Perhaps it isn’t all that completely different from streaming, as soon as you concentrate on it. Within the meantime, Iron Lung itself is effectively value a play and likewise 15% off in celebration of the announcement⁠—that is right, a much more reasonably priced 5 bucks down from a very princely and opulent six.