I do not find out about you however I hate messy crime. Disorganised muggings, no mob bosses, and ugh random break ins? Criminals can and ought to be doing so a lot better, they only want a couple of spreadsheets and so they’d be set. So why not assist them alongside just a little bit by including this mod to Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord that provides organised crime to the game. 

The Scum and Villainy mod from Ko4evnik on Nexus Mods is designed to make the prison way of life just a little bit extra lifelike. Somewhat than sporadic crimes with no sense of cause, thieves and crooks will start to play a much bigger function within the gameplay dynamic. The outline reads: “A number of new events will roam the map harassing villagers and caravans. Migrating clans will truly migrate to different cities and slavers will dump their very own youngsters for revenue. Smuggling and fencing stolen items shall be current on the overhead map.”

The factions of the mod are the Crimson Cartel, the Iron Fist, and the Kingslayers, all with their very own mob bosses: The Kingpin, The Robber Baron, and the Warlord. These factions have their very own providers and you’ll’t simply waltz in there and ask what they’re promoting, it is advisable to have sufficient denar to afford them first. In case you do not, effectively then run alongside and earn some cash till you’ll be able to play with the large toys. 

(Picture credit score: TaleWorlds Leisure / Ko4evnik)

To make use of this mod you will want to have a customized spawns mod put in however in any other case you are good to go. 

Scum and Villainy appears expansive from the seems to be of the options. It has new hideouts, troops, occasions, distributors, quests, and extra. Fairly the overhaul, and fleshes out the prevalence of crime in Bannerlord extensively. Nicely thank goodness that these swindlers discovered how one can use Google Sheets eh?