Lost Ark is brimming with crusing adventures, as well as a plethora of completely different ships. As you go through the game, you will be able to acquire and unlock more spacecraft. While some ships may be obtained by crafting, some must be obtained through questing. If you’re looking for the Tragon ship, you may accomplish the latter to unlock and obtain it. So, here’s our tutorial to obtaining the Tragon ship in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

How to Get Tragon Ship in Lost Ark?

Follow these steps to unlock and get Tragon ship in Lost Ark:

  • You must journey to Hypnos’s Eyes island and full all of the purple-colored quests.
  • Once you may have accomplished all of the quests, you’ll unlock a day by day Una’s activity that’s “playing by the pirate rules”.
  • If you’re unable to see this activity even after finishing the quests, full the yellow-colored questline to unlock Una’s day by day activity.
  • The activity entails an invite from an Arena Manager Logan for protection matches.
  • Accept his invitation to enter protection matches.
  • Then, find these protection matches and attain the Hypno’s Eyes. Enter a protection match and win the struggle.
  • Your popularity stage will increase for each protection struggle you full.
  • Keep on grinding on these protection matches till you attain popularity stage 3.
  • You should full over 30 protection matches to unlock Tragon ship as a reward.
  • As quickly as you full these protection matches, you’ll grow to be the longest-reigning protection champion in historical past and obtain extra rewards.
  • You will discover a reward of Tragon ship on popularity stage 3.
lost ark how to get tragon ship
Image Source – Tuglow on YouTube.
  • Complete this Una’s activity to struggle a protection match and earn the Tragon Ship as a reward.
  • Tragon ship has a base velocity of 18 and is just about immune to Tempest seas.
  • Along with the Tragon ship, additionally, you will obtain 36,000 pirate cash and a braveness potion.