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lost ark

Songs in Lost Ark have radically diverse outcomes and behaviours since each track has a distinct ring to it. Sheet music contains a variety of tracks that may be unlocked to assist you. Some songs assist you to go quickly, while others reveal secret regions. Song of Starlight is a music that might be effective in establishing strong ties with mission NPCs. Here’s how to acquire Starlight’s track in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

How to Get the Song of Starlight in Lost Ark?

Before you may begin Song of Starlight, you must first unlock crusing after reaching level 35. Once you’ve acquired crusing, cruise your way through Starlight Isle. It is located in the eastern region of Arkesia, near the middle of the Annika and Pleccia islands. Continue by completing the core plot missions and side-quests. While completing all of the purple-colored objectives, you’ll come across Favreau, a service provider, and her daughter Lena. You will learn about Favreau’s life as a Starkeeper who escorts lost souls to paradise. Not to give too much away about the narrative, you will also learn of his wife Eileen’s death.

You can unlock the track of Starlight after finishing A Starlit Melody quest. These are the next quests you’ll have to full earlier than you unlock this quest:

  • A Lighthouse for the Soul
  • For the Lost Soul
  • The Pianist of the Lonely Lighthouse
  • Starkeeper’s Records
  • The Soul Left in X-301
  • Under the Starlight Lighthouse
  • Finding Eileen’s Soul
  • Favreau and Eileen
  • Your Traces

You should be at the least on stage 50 or past to unlock this quest. This quest entails giving Eileen’s letter to Favreau and having a chat with him.

Once you’ve gotten accomplished this quest, it is possible for you to to get the track of Starlight from Favreau in trade for 3,300 Gineah’s cash. While a lot of the songs are acquired by finishing quests and rewards, Song of Starlight may be obtained solely by buying them from Favreau.

How to Use Song of Starlight?

Song of Starlight is used for rising your fame or rapport amongst sure NPCs. Follow these steps to make use of the track of starlight:

  • Press the F2 key or click on on the journey tab on the underside proper of the display.
  • This will open a dialog menu of all of your unlocked sheet music.
  • Select the track of Starlight to extend your rapport or fame with some NPCs.