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Lost Ark

Lush Reed and Snowpang Island are just two of the numerous islands you’ll encounter while playing Lost Ark. Each of those islands has Adventure PvP tasks that may be completed to increase your chances of winning exciting prizes and awards. If you’re new to the game and wondering what you need to do to go to those events and participate in them, we’ve got just the guide for you. We’ll walk you through all you need to know to travel to the Lush Reed and Snowpang Islands in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Snowpang Island & Lush Reed Island Guide

Lush Reed Island


Image Courtesy: Papunika

Trembling Reed Island is another name for Lush Reed Island. When you get at this island (with the use of a ship), you may be able to engage in a PvP mission. This mission will begin three minutes after you arrive on the island. You will also get your hands on the Island Heart as a prize for completing this mission. You may also obtain the Heart by opening random packing containers you come across while exploring the island.

Lush Reed Island Adventure Island PvP Quest Rewards

  • 1st Place Rewards – Reed Field Treasure Chest, 20,000 Silver.
  • 2nd Place Rewards – Reed Field Treasure Chest, 15,000 Silver.
  • third Place Rewards – Reed Field Treasure Chest, 10,000 Silver.
  • Consolation Prizes – Reed Field Treasure Chest, 2,000 Silver.

Island Token

To get the Lush Reeds Island Token, you must first efficiently full the PvP Quest. Doing so will provide you with a bag that comprises the Island Token. Additionally, you may as well attempt opening packing containers.

Snowpang Island

To get to Snowpang Island, you must use a ship. Once you make your approach to this island, you possibly can participate within the Adventure Quest PvP occasion to get some actually thrilling rewards and prizes.

Snowpang Island Adventure Quest PvP Rewards

  • 1st Place Rewards – Fun Snowfight Commemorative Pouch, 6,000 Silver.
  • 2nd Place Rewards – Fun Snowfight Commemorative Pouch, 3,000 Silver.

Island Token – Snowpang

You can get your fingers on the Snowpang Island Token from the Fun Snowfight Commemorative Pouch. This pouch is a part of the prize for efficiently finishing the Adventure Island Quest.