Lost Ark provides new Arcanist superior class, which fights with a deck of playing cards

Lost Ark options a big selection of classes, every of which might additional specialize with superior classes. The newest addition to the smash-hit MMO is the Arcanist, which branches off of the Mage. Its sister subclasses are the Bard and Sorceress, which channel magic by music and the components, respectively. The Arcanist, nevertheless, wields a deck of magical playing cards in battle.

The Arcanist was not too long ago detailed by developer Smilegate in a Lost Ark Academy put up, and it’s out as of July 20. The superior class has three foremost ability sorts: Normal, Stacking, and Ruin. Normal expertise are issues like rapid-fire card throws, meant to shortly and persistently deal injury. Stacking expertise lay a number of playing cards onto an enemy, setting them up for a strong Ruin assault. By triggering a Ruin ability on stacked enemy, you’ll deal massive injury and set off standing debuffs.

On prime of all that, the Arcanist’s has a particular Card Deck ability that performs off of the randomness of drawing a card. When activated, you’ll randomly pull one in every of 13 completely different playing cards and cast the related impact. These embrace cooldown buffs, area-of-effect assaults, elevated stacks, and even the flexibility to ghost by enemies with elevated motion velocity.

Those seeking to attempt the Arcanist will likely be completely happy to know that Lost Ark is offering two methods to shortly stage up the brand new superior class when the July update rolls out. One is a Punika Powerpass that may auto-level a personality; the opposite is a particular occasion with missions geared towards growing your merchandise stage.

All of this sounds good, however there’s one main caveat — the identical one which must be talked about with regard to each Lost Ark class. The Mage class is for feminine characters solely, so the identical restriction applies to the Arcanist superior class. The Lost Ark crew will likely be altering this gender-locked content material sooner or later, but it surely nonetheless applies for now.