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Lost Ark

Phantom Wing Island is a beautiful paradise in Lost Ark, and it also grants you an Island Token. As a result, it’s a rather standard place in the game. However, for many players, going to the island and earning the stated token is easier said than done. This is because Phantomwing Island is elusive and difficult to locate. This, along with the fact that it only appears a few times every week (due to the fact it’s a voyage island), makes it a challenging site. Nonetheless, with this article, we’ll put all of those hurdles to bed. Here, we’ll teach you how to go to the island and how to get its Island Token.

How to Get Phantom Wing Island Token in Lost Ark?


In order to get to Phantom Wing Island in Lost Ark, you’ll first want entry to ships within the game. Additionally, we additionally suggest an merchandise stage of 250 and a fight stage of fifty or greater. Meeting these standards will guarantee you might have a greater shot at finding the elusive piece of landmass.

Once you might have all the necessities met, you possibly can head to the southeast of Rohendel. From right hereyou want to look in direction of the north of Papunika to find the island. The Phantomwing Island is sort of near the Eye of Hypnos. Once you get to this location, simply move somewhat additional forward, and it is best to probability upon the island in query.

Once you make it to Phantomwing in Lost Ark, you possibly can start your quest to earn the Island Token. To accomplish thatconverse to Melissa first. Upon conversing together with heryou may be given the duty to find traces of butterflies. To get the token, you want to efficiently end just a few quests, and that is one such quest. Completing it’s going to end in a mini cutscene.

You should then proceed to Adrinne. Speak with her to acquire a quest for Elden Ring’s Phantom Wing Island. This task challenges you to seek out phantom crops in a cave. After you’ve gathered and given these crops to Adrinne, she’ll tell you where to get her weapon. Go to the nearby caverns and look for Creon. Seek his assistance in attending to Phantomwing Island’s Guard Captain. After speaking with this NPC, you may walk again, draw the indicated sword, and return to Adrinne.

Once you efficiently full these quests, you want to go to the Guard Captain as soon as once more to obtain 20 Phantomwings. After you accomplish thatyou’ll kick off a battle with Adrinne.

We suggest you enlist the assistance of a gaggle for the battle, as Adrinne has three phases. Keep inflicting harm upon her till she summons a twister. Once you see this twister, enter it to seek out your self in one other location. The battle will proceed right here. You have to go over this course of thrice with the intention to kill Adrinne and efficiently full the A Thousand Fluttering Nights and Days quest.

Adrinne will discard the Island Token if she accepts defeat. You will also receive her card, a rune of safety, and a secret map. That’s the end of it. That way, you’ll quickly obtain the Island Token for Phantom Wing Island in Lost Ark. As you can see, it is not as complicated as it appears at first. We recommend that you continue fighting Adrinne in order to increase your chances of earning awards.