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lost ark

Lost Ark provides to its players with Perception Shards and Harmony Shards. Because it is an MMORPG, it competes with other video games in terms of supplying gamers with a wealth of content. And that is where these two artefacts may be found. We will now look at what concept shards are in Lost Ark, as well as their uses and how to obtain them.

What is Perception Shards in Lost Ark & the how to Get it?

lost ark how to get and use perception shards

Perception Shard is a sort of useful resource that you just accumulate as you progress within the recreation that you should use to enhance your character’s attributes. You can get Perception Shards on the Chaos Gate. And you can too receive it by finishing Chaos dungeon missions.

How to Use Perception Shards

You can use the Perception Shards to purchase any of the next objects from the Chaos Dungeon vendor.

  • Engraving Books (Uncommon merchandise)
  • Harmony Leapstones
  • Harmony Shards
  • Jewelry (Rare to Legendary merchandise)
  • Stone Fragments

To discover the Chaos Dungeon NPC go to North Vern within the Vern Castle. Next, head southeast from the Chaos Dungeon Statue to search out this vendor. Alternatively, you can too commerce Disorder crystals rather than Perception Shards to get the above-mentioned objects.