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If you’re something like me, you don’t favor to see the overlay minimap within the heart of the display screen. So, transfer the overlay minimap in Lost Ark? This is what we’ll reply on this guide.

How to Change Minimap & Overlay Settings in Lost Ark

Let’s check out a number of the questions you’ll have about Minimap and its overlay on the display screen.

How to Move Overlay Minimap to the Side in Lost Ark?

  • Open the overlay minimap by pressing the TAB key in your keyboard. To transfer the minimap, you might want to press and hold the mouse scroll wheel (center) button and change its place to wherever you need on the display screen.
  • Now, shut the minimap and open it up once more by pressing TAB and it needs to be on the identical location where you left it final time. This will principally lock your minimap’s place to a sure location.
  • But, be aware that the overlay map will mechanically shut while you do a sure motion like a dialog with an NPC. It can get irritating to see that the minimap overlay will get turned off by itself. Many gamers on-line are asking the builders for the choice to sticky the overlay map/preserve it pinned in an upcoming update. An choice to select when the overlay will get turned off may be very welcome.

How to Bring the Overlay Minimap to its Original Position?

To move the overlay minimap to the centre, repeat the process you used to move it previously. Hold the mouse’s scroll wheel button and move it to the middle of the display screen. Now, when you want to carry it up, hit the TAB key, and it should be in its ‘original’ position.

Lost Ark Minimap Disappeared and Gone?

For some gamers, the minimap is disappearing immediately however they’re able to hear the sound of its look. Here are some issues you’ll be able to attempt to repair this visible bug:

  • Restart the game and examine.
  • Press the TAB key a number of instances to see if the minimap reveals up.
  • Change your decision to Window Mode. Head to Settings > Video and subsequent to Screen there’s a dropdown.
  • Select Window mode and Decline it. This will carry the game again to borderless window and the minimap ought to seem. Thanks to the group on the Lost Ark discussion board for this workaround.

How to Change Overlay Map Transparency or Opacity?

Most gamers have certain preferences when it comes to minimap transparency. Some people want it transparent, while others prefer it somewhat opaque. To alter the opacity of the minimap, click on the solar icon on the top proper of the display screen in-game and wait for the “Transparency” textual material to appear. When you click on it, you’ll see a transparency slider that you may adjust to your liking. This has an effect on your minimap and overlay map.

minimap opacity zoom

How to Zoom Minimap In and Out?

  • You can zoom the minimap that’s on the prime proper part of the display screen by clicking on the magnifying glass icon proper above the opacity icon.
  • Adjust the scaling by clicking on the + and – icons and that’s how one can zoom out and in on the minimap.
  • As of now, there is no such thing as a strategy to zoom out and in of the minimap overlay. Adding to the checklist of requested options is the flexibility to change the overlay minimap. Hopefully, the devs can add it quickly.