Lost Ark
Lost Ark

Islands are an important part of the map in Lost Ark, and they usually contain a number of interesting places and parts. These elements are crucial to the game’s storyline, and they usually make Lost Ark a lot more exciting. Because the map in Lost Ark is so large, it may be difficult to learn everything there is to learn about these islands, which is why we’ve provided you with this information. Here, we’ll go over everything you need to know about the islands in Raiders of the Lost Ark. In Lost Ark, there are two types of islands: Static Islands and Limited Time Islands.

Lost Ark Island Guide


Static Islands

You can go to these islands at any given time in Lost Ark. Additionally, the quests on these islands supply profitable rewards like Voyage Coins and consumables.

Alteisen Island in Lost Ark

Alteisen Island is a area in Lost Ark that incorporates scrap steel. While there may be not a variety of plants on it, you may nonetheless discover a variety of junk to scavenge via.

Argon Island

The Argon Island primarily consists of huge icy rocks. You will discover a variety of artists sculpting these ice rocks right here.

Erasmo’s Island

Erasmo’s Island homes a boss who wakes up if you play a music on the proper time.

Crescent Isle

This island is only devoted to searching. Apart from searching, there may be treasured little you are able to do right here.

Fantasm Island

This charming isle in Lost Ark has extra to it than meets the attention. The waters that encompass it are peppered with treacherous reefs.


The Fortuna Island is crammed with giant pots throughout.

Frost Haven

As the title suggests, this island is chilly and icy. You will always end up in the course of a chilly blizzard right here. It is also referred to as the Guardian’s Realm.

Glacier Isle

This island, too, is roofed in ice. You will discover an previous man with a piano right here.

Golden Wave

Golden Wave island options a lot of bins, chests, and sacks throughout its panorama. These bins comprise small quantities of Silver and junk.


Kalhertz can be a chilly island. You will discover a slave market right here. You can free the slaves right here by buying them after which setting them free.

Lush Reed

As the title suggests, this island is totally lined in reeds, to the purpose the place you can not even look forward of you. Rumour has it which you can even discover a hidden treasure chest right here.


This isle has a statue of Givena, who occurs to be the guardian of the ocean.


Peyto is an expensive isle that’s crammed with meals, drinks, and leisure.


This island inhabits a small shanty city with outlaw residents.


As the title suggests, this isle is totally infested with slimes. Killing them will provide help to get a reward from the seller within the protected zone.


You will discover sunflowers and artists right here.

Island of Time

This island combines the abilities of fishing with preventing monsters. During your quest to search out the island boss, you’ll come throughout jars crammed with monsters.

Limited Time Islands

As the title in all probability suggests, these are islands you can not go to at any given time of the sport. You will probably be alerted of their accessibility with a whirlpool at their location 10 minutes earlier than you may go to them. Once seen, it is possible for you to to go to those islands for a interval of three minutes, after which the islands will as soon as once more change into inaccessible. There are two sorts of these islands, they’re Adventure and Timed.

Adventure Islands

You will come throughout three of those islands at completely different occasions of the day in Lost Ark. However, you’ll solely be capable to entry them at one time. To examine for his or her availability, you have to to make use of your Compass. These islands can give you prizes like Card Packs, Gold, Runes, and plenty of extra objects. You may also purchase Island Hearts from these areas.

Timed Islands

These islands will make themselves seen at set occasions of the day. Unlike Adventure Islands, you may entry Timed Islands a number of occasions day-after-day. While they don’t have fastened places, you’ve got a greater probability of recognizing them in predefined places.

You can spot these islands with the assistance of the whirlpools we talked about somewhat earlier on this information. To share the placement of a stated island, it is advisable press Shift and Right-click on the placement on the World Map.