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Helgaia is a Guardian, one of several you’ll encounter throughout Raids in Lost Ark, and she or he has her own unique dynamics. Comprehension how to fight this boss in Lost Ark requires a thorough understanding of these mechanics. In this article, we will show you all you need to know about the mechanics of the Guardian in Lost Ark. Before we begin, we’d like to recommend that you enter this raid with a team of four players.

Lost Ark Helgaia Mechanics Guide


You’ll come across two primary attack mechanisms at the beginning of your fight with Helgaia: frontal cone and cost assaults. To avoid these assaults, we recommend that you stay on both sides of the Guardian, or behind her. Having said that, these assaults aren’t particularly lethal, so don’t be too alarmed. Just be careful to keep all of your metrics up to date, and you should be OK.

As you progress within the Guardian Raid with Helgaia, you’ll discover extra of the cost assaults. This time too, the assaults won’t be deadly. Since Helgaia has no wipe mechanic, you may stress rather less.

Moving additional into the battle, Helgaia will rise into the sky and start to fly in Phase Two. She will then launch an enormous AOE offensive. Somewhere round this time, she may even launch a swoop assault, leaving a path of fireside. You must stay away from the fireplace.

So there you’ve gotten it. This is all it is advisable find out about Helgaia’s mechanics in Lost Ark. As you may see, defeating this Guardian shouldn’t be too difficult. All it is advisable do is bear in mind to remain topped up, and you ought to be good to go.