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With the release of Lost Ark, there is a plethora of raids and dungeons to slog through. If you’ve ever played an MMO, you may be familiar with the concept of tracking down a boss in a Co-op to kill a massive beast. Guardian raids may be the PvE you’re looking for in Lost Ark. After you fight the main boss, it’s essentially a 20-minute excursion out and back with massive prizes. It is possible to beat the Guardian on your own, however it is strongly advised not to. So, what’s the best method to get started with these raids? Here’s how to unlock the Guardian raids in our Lost Ark Solo Guide.

How to Unlock Guardian Raids in Lost Ark?

You must be sufficiently qualified to raid the various Guardians. I’m not kidding! To unlock Guardian raids, you must complete the Guardian Raid Qualification Certifications task. To grind on Guardian raids, you must be at least degree 50 or above. In addition, you must complete all of Vern’s tutorial objectives. Once you’ve met these requirements, you can proceed to the Raid Notice Board to begin a Guardian raid.

What is Guardian Raids in Lost Ark?

All you have to do is track down and defeat the boss Guardian. As simple as it sounds, these Guardians will be a pain for newcomers. Guardian raids contain four distinct Guardians for each level of difficulty. There are 5 levels of those raids, each having a minimum iLvl need for them to begin grinding. All of the Guardians with the lowest iLvl that you’ll face are listed below:

Guardian Raid Level 1

  • Ur’nil – 302+
  • Lumerus – 340+
  • Icy Legoros – 380+
  • Vertus – 420+

Guardian Raid Level 2

  • Chromanium – 460+
  • Nacrasena – 500+
  • Flame Fox Yoho – 540+
  • Tytalos – 580+

Guardian Raid Level 3

  • Dark Legoros – 802+
  • Helgaia – 840+
  • Calventus – 880+
  • Achates – 920+

Guardian Raid Level 4

  • Frost Helgaia – 960+
  • Lava Chromanium – 1000+
  • Levanos – 1040+
  • Alberhastic – 1080+

Guardian Raid Level 5

  • Heavy Armor Nacrasena – 1302+
  • Igrexion – 1325+
  • Night Fox Yoho – 1355+
  • Velganos – 1385+

How to Complete Guardian Raids?

Here’s the right way to full Guardian Raids in Lost Ark:

  • Before beginning any of the raids, you’ll be given a alternative to reap their souls or not. Choose to reap the souls to wield larger loot.
  • You must coordinate and strategize together with your workforce to defeat the Guardian.
  • The each day restrict to grind on Guardian raids is 2. But failing to finish a raid received’t be accounted for in your each day restrict. You will be capable to reset and retry to finish the raids.
  • As you begin the raid, your workforce will obtain three respawns with a tickling twenty-minute timer. If your workforce doesn’t survive after three respawns, the raid will fail.
  • After finishing your first raid Ur ‘nil, the next raid becomes available to you, and so on.
  • If you want to unlock the next level of Guardian raids, you will have to complete all four raids in that certain level of difficulty.
  • The first levels of these raids are pretty straightforward, to begin with. As you go further, you will encounter the Guardians that are more buffed and smarter. Smart because these high-tier Guardians will run around to waste your time. You can equip flares to track down these Guardians. We suggest you pick the right team with the right strategy to deal with these Guardians.

Rewards for Completing Guardian Raids

After successfully slaying the Guardian, you can harvest their souls to obtain the treasure. Guardian raids are the finest method to obtain a variety of jewelries, crafting resources, and ability stones for engravings. Before you begin the raid, look for the expected prizes. As you go for subsequent higher levels of difficulties, you will receive higher and better loot.