Ability Stones are useful items that allow you to level up in Lost Ark. These gadgets enable your characters to gain specific and distinct buffs. You must aspect these Ability Stones in order to obtain nodes for Engravings (which allow you to obtain specific buffs). We’ll show you how to use Ability Stones in Lost Ark in this section.

To aspect Ability Stones in Lost Ark, you first have to go to an Ability Stone Cutter. These cutters are simple to seek out, as they’re marked with a blue crystal and might be present in just about each city. Once you make it to the Ability Stone Cutter, you want to communicate with it.

Next, you want to use your mouse within the course of the Ability Stone you want to aspect. When doing so, we suggest you goal to achieve nodes for the two uppermost rows. Avoid the underside row.

Upon gaining a nod, you’ll discover that the crystal glows in a shade of blue, and is marked with a +1. Likewise, failing in the course of the faceting course of will consequence within the diamond turning grey and uninteresting.

Head over to your Inventory once you’ve finished each node and held the pink nodes as little as possible. Equip the completed Ability Stone here. You can do this by dragging it or right-clicking it into the Ability Stone slot. You can also choose to dismantle the Ability Stone to obtain the Power of Mystery. This could be useful because you can use it to make more Ability Stones.

And that’s just about all you want to learn about learn how to aspect Ability Stones in Lost Ark. As you may see, doing so is kind of simple. Just keep in mind to observe all the steps on this information, and you ought to be good to go!