Obtaining all of the songs in Lost Ark will be difficult due to the large number of them. These songs have their own functions, such as transporting you to a certain location, discovering secret regions, building rapport with NPCs, and so on. And the approach for obtaining them might varies greatly depending on the course. So, without further ado, let us quickly go through how to find and obtain each track in Lost Ark.

How to Find all Songs in Lost Ark

find and get every song in lost ark

In Lost Ark, you will be able to get a total of 21 tracks. You can find some through completing main quests and moving through the plot, and others by doing side tasks. Let’s look at how to obtain all of the music.

  • Elegy of Serenity: When you full the search “Justice Achieved” you’ll get the mission “Elegy of Serenity“. Complete this mission and you will get the song.
  • Escape: You get the song of escape by completing the story quest “Legends and Fairytales“.
  • Eternity: Fill up your Adventurer’s Tome to at least 60% for Rohendel. You can claim this song for it.
  • Festival Overture: We will update the location of this song when we find it.
  • Forest’s Minuet: Complete the quest “Magick Melody” thrice to get this track.
  • Harmony: Fill up your Adventurer’s Tome to not less than 50% for Punika. You can declare this track for it.
  • Hearth and Home: After finishing the “Clerk Theo’s Invitation” quest speak to the receptionist exterior the fort. Keep speaking to her and she or he gives you the Song of Hearth and Home. You will get the track after you full the search.
  • Heart’s Melody: Take the search “Time for Treatment“, during this quest study the tablets and you will learn the Heart’s Melody song.
  • Heavenly Harmony: Do co-op missions in Harmony Island, and eventually you will get this song as a drop.
  • Return: This song is easy to learn and you get it while doing the mission “Song of Return“. During the quest, you have to set the nearby portal as your return location after talking to the bard Shannon. Talk to her again and she will give you the song.
  • Reminiscence: Complete the mission “Lost Footsteps” to get the track of Reminiscence.
  • Resonance: You can purchase the track of Resonance from Treasure hunter Igran within the ship close to Peyto Island for 16500 Pirate cash.
  • Romantic Weapon: Fill up your Adventurer’s Tome to not less than 60% for Yorn. You can declare this track for it.
  • Serenade of Love: Complete the search “Relationship Guru” to get this track because the reward.
  • Soulful Requiem: Fill up your Adventurer’s Tome to not less than 60% for Feiton. You can declare this track for it.
  • Spring: Complete the search “Shangra’s Pure Energy” to get this track.
  • Starlight: Go to the Starlight Isle and speak to the NPC Favreau. You can purchase this track for 3,300 Gienah cash.
  • Temptation: Fill up your Adventurer’s Tome to not less than 50% for the Yudia part. You can declare this track for it.
  • Trixion: You will study the track of Trixion in the midst of “To the Edge of the World quest“.
  • Twilight: Go to the Island of Eternal Rest and talk to Derisa, next complete the “She Only Dreams of Peace” quest, and you’ll get the track.
  • Valor: Complete the search “Song of Valor” to get the track.