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Lost Ark

The Dark Legoros is likely one of the numerous Guardian bosses you’ll encounter during Raids in Lost Ark, and this fight has an important attack technique to understand. Without understanding the fundamentals of this Guardian’s mechanics, it may be tough to defeat efficiently. Nonetheless, with this guide, we’ll set your mind at ease. Here, we’ll go over all you need to know about the mechanics of the Dark Legoros.

Lost Ark Dark Legoros Mechanics Guardian Raid Guide


In order to defeat the Dark Legoros Guardian in Lost Ark, we suggest you employ a minimum of a group of 4 gamers. Doing so gives you a greater shot at bringing this intimidating enemy down.

Darkness Mechanic & AOE – Dark Legoros Guardian

The Dark Legoros Guardian makes use of the Darkness mechanic. While you and your teammates might want to do your finest to keep away from this potentially-lethal mechanic, you could ensure you additionally avoid his assaults.

Throughout the Darkness mechanic, you’ll notice Dark Legoros blasting a darkish projectile in your way. If this bullet lands in your path and hits you, you’ll notice the screen quickly dimming. This is an indication that the mechanism is having an effect. His second ability is a significant AOE. If you are hit by all of these attacks, you will lose sight for a brief period of time.

As time progresses, these skills and their spells will solely get larger. Along with this, you’ll discover a rise within the motion velocity of the Guardian himself. Thankfully, since these mechanics usually are not deadly in nature, you don’t have a lot to fret about.