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Cube is an endgame PvE dungeon workout in Lost Ark that gives greater prizes. It is similar to the Tower and Chaos dungeons, except that the problem and type of difficulty are denoted by completely different colours in Cube. You can invite up to three others or go it alone to complete these tasks. However, before you begin grinding on the Cube, there are a few requirements you must meet. So, here’s our advice on how to unlock the dice dungeons in Lost Ark.

How to Unlock the Cube in Lost Ark?

  • To unlock the dice dungeons, firstly you have to to be on at least stage 50 or above and finish Cube guide quest.
  • Then, you should get an entrance ticket to Cube dungeons.
  • You can get a dice entrance ticket from grinding on Chaos dungeons. You should kill the boss on the 2nd ground. These entrance tickets can solely drop from every day vitality.
  • Alternatively, you too can get dice entrance tickets by buying them with Sylmael crystals.
  • Once you’ve gotten acquired these tickets, you possibly can spend a ticket to enter the dice challenges. They require a single entrance ticket per entree, so ensure your crew members have gotten one.

What is a Cube in Lost Ark?

Within the Cube dungeons, there are 19 time-limited floors or ranges. The problem in the Cube dungeons changes randomly from ground to ground, similar to many of the challenges where the difficulty increases as you progress. The kind of the extension is denoted by a beam of a certain colour protruding from the platform. You may also look at the extent’s objective in the upper left corner of the display screen. There are essentially five types of ranges, which are as follows:

  • White: On this ground, you’ll face all of the low-tier enemies.
  • Magenta: This is the ground filled with elite enemies.
  • Red: You should get rid of a boss or bosses together with among the enemies to proceed to the following ground.
  • Blue: On this ground, you’ll face all of the exploding enemies.
  • Gold: All you must do on this ground or stage is to gather the treasure chests containing totally different rewards.

As you grind on Cube Dungeons, additionally, you will obtain buffs and debuffs that can differ randomly from ground to ground.


You’ll acquire awards depending largely on the flooring you’ve completed, just like in other dungeons. Keep in mind that there are no respawns when you die. But don’t worry, if you fail, you’ll be rewarded according to the amount of ground you’ve already covered.

  • Floor 1st to third: No rewards
  • Floor 4th to seventh: Bronze Chest
  • Floor eighth to tenth: Silver Chest
  • Floor eleventh to twelfth: Gold Chest
  • Floor thirteenth to fifteenth: Platinum Chest
  • Floor fifteenth and past: Diamond Chest