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Lost Ark

Lost Ark has received an upgrade, as a result of which the chat is no longer functional. This is infuriating because it makes gamers feel as though they are playing a lone game rather than an MMO. What’s strange about this defect is that it doesn’t entirely stop operating; instead, it simply affects the primary account. So they can talk with their alt accounts but not with their primary ones. So, in this article, we’ll discover how to easily resolve the chat not working issue in Lost Ark.

How to Fix Lost Ark Chat not working

how to fix chat not working in lost ark

There is no official solution to resolve this issue because it is a glitch that many gamers are experiencing following the upgrade. However, you can attempt the remedies listed below to get the chat to work again. Thanks to Helianthus on the Lost Ark Forums for sharing the patches listed below.

  • Uncheck Guide
    1. Right-click on the Tab that you use and click on Chat Tab Settings. Most players will do this to the Normal tab especially if you are a beginner.
    2. Here uncheck Guide under the System Subsection.
    3. Now click on Apply.
  • Remove System Chat Options
    1. Similar to last time, right-click on your tab and click on Chat Tab Settings.
    2. Here uncheck all the options under the System section.
    3. Finally, click on Apply.
  • Uncheck all Language Filters
    1. Go to your Chat Tab settings.
    2. Under the Language Filter Settings section uncheck all the other languages.
    3. Once done click on Apply.