lost ark
lost ark

There are several tasks to do in Lost Ark. After speaking with the injured Kir in Lost City, you’ll come across the Carrot and Stick Quest. Unlike more difficult tasks, this one just takes a little amount of time spent fishing. The only catch is that you have to begin fishing at a specific spot. Here’s what you might be interested in.

How to Complete the Carrot and Stick Quest in Lost Ark

After completing the Fearsome Man-Eating Monster quest, the Carrot and Stick adventure begins. To begin the search, locate Injured Kir in the Lost City zone. You’ll next be invited to ask Kir whether he knows of a hidden fishing place. Kir will then tell the location of the fishing site.

This is when things become difficult. The crucial fishing area is hidden behind a breakable wall, which is true between the two lifeless ends on the Lost City map’s left side. There are also two treasure boxes located directly in front of the breakable wall. Use an attack to break down the barricade and then enter the important fishing location. Once there, start fishing for White Belly fish. To complete the hunt, you’ll need to catch three of them, so keep at it until you do.

Once you’ve gotten all three, it’s time to make your way back to Kir. You’ll have another element to consider after you’ve handed him the fish. Kir deserves your support. All that is necessary is to use “/cheer” to play the cheer emote, which will then complete the search.

That concludes the Carrot and Stick quest in Lost Ark. Following this, your next task will most likely be to complete the Time For Your Medicine quest, which is the next stop in the game’s main plot arc. Have fun exploring!