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Lost Ark

Lost Ark includes a complicated card system, and one of the challenges that players are experiencing with this system is that the card database is completely full. What this problem does is allow you to add 3-4 cards to your catalogue if you open a card set and acquire 7 cards. However, you will be unable to add the remaining cards. So, in this article, we’ll look at what you can do with the Lost Ark card catalogue is full error and how to solve it.

How to Fix the Card Catalog is Full Error in Lost Ark

lost ark card catalog is full fix
Image Credit: Kibbles

You may resolve the Card Catalog is Full issue by purchasing additional card storage or catalogue expansion. This is not a mistake, but rather a gaming mechanic. Many individuals are irritated by this mechanism, and you can read their reactions on the Lost Ark forums here. There are three possible solutions to this problem.

  • Expand your Card Storage
  • Expand your Card Catalog
  • Destroy the cards

Although you don’t necessarily have to destroy the cards and you can store them in your bank storage. Thanks to user u/Ballistic_78 on Reddit for sharing this workaround. You can check the Reddit thread here.
And as for expanding your storage, you can do that by exchanging your gold for the blue crystals.

How to Expand your Card Catalog

You can broaden your card catalog through the use of blue crystals. You can both change gold for blue crystals or instantly purchase the blue crystals as a premium forex. Lastly, you may broaden your Card Deck slot for 500 gold.