Lost Ark

Smilegate’s Lost Ark has been regarded as one of the best video games on Steam since its release. While players are having fun with the newly introduced MMOARPG, they are disappointed when they are unable to play the game. Because many of the servers are crowded, gamers must wait in line for an extended period of time. When players choose a less populated server, they are unable to create a new character on these servers. So, here’s our approach to resolving the “cant create character” bug in Lost Ark.

How to Fix Cannot Create Character Error in Lost Ark?

lost ark cannot create character error fix
Image Source – Adoxxl on YouTube.

The solely solution to repair this error is to be part of or anticipate a much less crowded server. If you wish to create a brand new character in a server, keep away from the servers with lengthy intensive queue instances.

Why does Cannot Create Character Error Occur?

This issue occurs as a result of Smilegate’s character creation restrictions. According to their blog post, some of the servers would most likely limit the generation of characters. These restrictions will most likely apply primarily to new players that are waiting in line. To avoid the server being overcrowded, these players will be unable to create a new character or participate in the game. The following servers with character creation limitations are listed below:

  • Na West
    • Mari
    • Valtan
  • Na East
    • Azena
    • Una
    • Regulus
    • Avesta
  • Eu Central
    • Kadan
    • Trixion
    • Thirain
    • Zinnervale
    • Asta

Not to fret as their tweet confirmed that they are going to be including new servers to handle the crowded servers. These character creation limits will probably be utilized till an update or patch drops in and resolves the difficulty.