lost ark
lost ark

When playing Lost Ark, you’ve most likely come across the need to learn about one of the best solo classes in the game. The builds from these class will show you how to achieve one of the best results while playing Solo video games in Lost Ark. However, if you’re new, it may be difficult to determine which of those class is the most beneficial.

Best Solo Class in Lost Ark


Warrior – Best Solo Class in Lost Ark

The Warrior class is arguably probably the greatest class to make use of in Lost Ark. The sub-classes right here characteristic all the elements that make for a very good expertise. These embrace the likes of fine well being, first rate injury, and the flexibility to assist.

  • Berserker – Berserkers are Warriors in Lost Ark who’re able to inflicting sturdy sword assaults with excessive injury potential upon their enemies. Additionally, they supply nice protection. Once they enter burst mode, they turn out to be successfully unstoppable.
  • Paladin – Paladins are blessed (fairly actually) with holy expertise and buffs with the holy e-book. This permits them to assist their crew from behind. However, if wanted, they’ll additionally head to the frontline and use their sturdy sword-wielding powers to place up a combat.
  • Gunlancer – Gunlancers act as the primary line of protection, bearing a majority of the opponent’s attacking brunt upon themselves. By doing so, these Warriors defend their celebration and be certain that they continue to be protected. They additionally make good use of their gun lance weapon.


The Gunner class can also be a fairly first rate class to make use of in Lost Ark. While they might not essentially be nearly as good because the Warriors, they nonetheless supply nice talents.

  • Gunslinger – Gunslingers possess the flexibility to rapidly change between weapons, giving them a bonus when in battle.
  • Artillerist – The Artillerist makes good use of heavy launchers as his main weapon to counter opponents.