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Lost Ark

Martial Artist is without a doubt one of the most intriguing classes that Lost Ark has to offer. It could be the category with four sub-classes. Three of them are female characters, while one is male. The best part is that each of those four characters has something in common with one of the participants or the other. This is where things get complicated because each sub-class provides unique abilities to the players, and many don’t know which class to use. So, based on this information, let us look at the best Martial Artist Class in Lost Ark.

Best Martial Artist Class in Lost Ark

best martial artist class lost ark

The Scrapper is the best Martial Artist class. In fact, this isn’t only the best class in the Martial artist Category, but also one of the best classes the sport has to offer. To begin, this class is appropriate for beginners. So if you’re dipping your toes on this class, this class will assist you settle in. However, just because it’s user-friendly for beginners doesn’t mean it can’t be used by professionals or veterans. Scrapper’s two playstyles are its distinguishing feature.

Best Scrapper construct

Below are the really useful abilities that it is best to use when taking part in a Scrapper.

  • Charging Blow
  • Roundup Sweep
  • Chain Destruction Fist
  • Instant Hit
  • Death Rattle
  • Dragon Advent
  • Earthquake Chain
  • Fierce Tiger Strike

Which Martial Artist class is finest for you in Lost Ark?

  • Scrapper: If you enjoy continual damage, you should utilise Scrapper. In battles, she uses her fists. She also provides players with two playstyles: Taijutsu and Shock Training. As previously said, if you want to play your sport gently and keep it simple, Taijutsu is the sport for you. Shock Traning, on the other hand, may be a better option if you’re concerned about dealing with more injury and are willing to study the character a little.
  • Soulfist: This is an unusual class. While it has the potential to be powerful with its final. There isn’t much you can do with it once you’ve utilised it for your final. It’s not that the character becomes ineffectual as soon as the final phrase is spoken. It’s just that the damage it provides is generally minor, and you have to rely on the RnG to hope it delivers the most damage with its ultimate.
  • Wardancer: If you enjoy pounding your opponents with combinations, this is probably the category for you. Wardancer can inflict a good amount of burst damage and has a high overall damage output. The disadvantage will appear if you fail your combinations and burst attacks. Her follow-up attacks are also difficult to land.
  • Striker: This character is commonly referred to as the male Wardancer. However, of all the subclasses discussed here, this one provides the most burst damage. To summarise how this character works, you should mostly utilise your standard attacks to produce vitality and refresh the last word gauge. Then, employ these last attacks or talents to do the maximum damage.