Spoilers observe for Midnight Suns’ ending, naturally.

Midnight Suns is the primary actually nice superhero game since, nicely, Insomniac launched a number of good Spiders-Males this yr, so not that lengthy, I suppose. However it’s been nice to see trendy Marvel superimposed on a brand new style, the so-hot-right-now card game, and create one thing extra Mass Impact-like than we have seen earlier than. Our Midnight Suns overview anointed it 88%.

True to its Marvel license, Midnight Suns has two brief post-credits scenes ready for gamers on the finish of its lengthy, 65+ hour marketing campaign (it took me 75).

[**real, Hulk-sized spoilers follow**] ⚠

After KOing Chthon in Midnight Suns’ marathon closing mission, the scene shifts again to the Abbey library, where Caretaker, Physician Unusual, and Scarlet Witch are sifting by tomes, looking for a solution to revive you, the noble protagonist who gave their life (once more) for the world. “Lilith and the Hunter’s bond defied loss of life earlier than … prophecy or not, I do know this story is much from over,” says Caretaker. 

In need of winking on the digital camera, you’d wrestle to get a extra specific line from a personality on this context. However what kind will “extra story” take? 2K Video games and Firaxis declined to remark to me concerning the game’s end-of-game teasers, so let’s have some enjoyable speculating on three potentialities.

📺 ABOVE: Midnight Suns’ ending cutscene and less-than-cryptic after-credits teasers.

Principle 1: Midnight Suns might simply be getting some extra characters

Due to dataminers, we already know that extra Midnight Suns characters are on the way in which: Morbius, Deadpool, Venom, and Storm, apparently. Deadpool was teased in an official video in November, with the character campaigning Ryan Reynolds-style to be added to Midnight Suns. 

Deadpool midnight suns

(Picture credit score: 2K Video games)

What we do not know is what the discharge scheme will probably be for these characters, however I might guess that Firaxis would introduce them one by one throughout 2023, one each three months. This slower schedule would enable them to be promoted individually, one thing that the majority publishers exit of their solution to do, and provides Midnight Suns a service-game-like scheme to maintain gamers a bit engaged throughout 2023.

Principle 2: A Midnight Suns growth or sequel

Then once more, do not you assume that Midnight Suns ending on a line like “I do know this story is much from over” suggests a much bigger continuation? New Game+ unlocks after you end the marketing campaign that lets you play difficult non-story missions to your coronary heart’s content material. The 4 DLC characters might slot into this scheme, however a second post-credits clip sends even stronger indicators that there is extra in retailer.

After the Midnight Suns credit roll partway, they’re interrupted by a brief rendered cutscene. The digital camera pans down from a purple starscape to zoom towards the Darkhold—the identical ebook that Lilith stabbed with the Chthon knife—resting dormant on the craggy airplane where the ultimate battle befell. Into the foreground steps an armor-clad leg shadowed by a green cape.

(Picture credit score: 2K Video games)

You do not have to gather comics to acknowledge that is Physician Doom.

As if we wanted extra clues at this level, a metallic hand extends throughout the display and dusts off the Darkhold. “Amateurs…” a refined voice mutters between evil laughter.

A continuation of Midnight Suns right into a second marketing campaign that includes Doom can be a powerful inventive place to begin for an growth or sequel. Doom is a better-known villain than the god Chthon, together with his personal nation (Latveria) that may very well be the premise for a brand new setting. His military of Doombots can be a pure fundamental enemy for heroes to struggle in opposition to, an equal to the infinite Hydra foot troopers you stomp in Midnight Suns’ marketing campaign.

An growth can be Firaxis’ most popular format. Battle of the Chosen adopted XCOM 2, and Civilization has obtained many expansions all through its lifespan. For that purpose this idea feels the probably to me—although each 1 and 2 might come true. However there’s another left-field risk I am unable to ignore.

Principle 3: A full-blown Unbelievable 4 spinoff

I undergo the file, Exhibit A, or ought to I say, Exhibit 4.

(Picture credit score: 2K Video games)

Laptop, zoom and improve.

(Picture credit score: 2K Video games)

People, that is a Unbelievable 4 emblem laid into stained glass. It is even blue, the group’s conventional uniform colour.

Usually I would just say that is only a cute easter egg, however the prominence of this location is notable—you come to Agatha’s Altar all through the game, as the entire Emo Youngsters conferences happen there. So Firaxis needs us to pay attention to this. And though Physician Doom fights everybody from the X-Males to Spider-Man and the Avengers all through his a long time of Marvel historical past, he is the archenemy of the Unbelievable 4.

What undermines this idea is the truth that, nicely, the Unbelievable 4 aren’t extremely popular. Although they simply had a terrific graphic novel launch from legendary artist Alex Ross, their motion pictures have been dreadful below the Marvel umbrella (The Hollywood Reporter ranked the 2015 movie useless final among the many Marvel movies within the final 20 years). And on a technical stage, Mister Unbelievable looks as if a improvement nightmare. 

However, to counter-argue the counter-argument, the Midnight Suns weren’t a widely-known superhero group both. The Unbelievable 4 have been round for 60 years.

Understanding that Marvel approached Firaxis to make a game, not the opposite approach round, says to me that the studio may need seen the chance from the begin to lock Firaxis right into a multi-game franchise (as is the case with seemingly each Marvel movie and TV product).