Life is Strange True Colors Ryan Romance
Life is Strange True Colors Ryan Romance

In Life is Strange: True Colors players need to make the right decisions to ensure they don’t ruin their chances of being with Ryan. There are two key decisions that will determine whether players romance with Steph or Ryan, but there are also optional choices.

Key choices to Romance Ryan

There are two important decisions to be made in Life is Strange: True Colors that players need to make sure they fall in love with Ryan in Chapter 4 of Life is Strange: True Colors.

The two options are:

  • Giving him rose at the Haven Spring Festival
  • Kissing him on the rooftop instead of hugging at the Haven Spring Festival.

Optional choices to Romance Ryan

  • (Chapter 1) Make sure to check out every option before the junk box while you help Ryan search the Valkyries at the record shop.
  • (Chapter 2) After helping Ryan overcome his anger on the cliff, hug him.
  • (Chapter 3) Go with Ryan as the distraction.
  • (Chapter 3) At the start of the LARP after defeating Ryan as a direwolf, pick up the ‘annoy’ prompt and then listen to his thoughts.
  • (Chapter 3) At the LARP, call Ryan cute in the snake hat dress.
  • (Chapter 3) At the LARP, ask Ryan to say something nice about Ethan and Alex when he’s wearing the troll costume.
  • (Chapter 4) Use Alex’s powers to read Ryan’s feelings after giving the rose.
  • (Chapter 5) Read the text messages before heading to the rooftop if he didn’t side with Alex during the council meeting,
  • (Chapter 5) Forgive Ryan if he didn’t stand with Alex during the meeting.
  • (Chapter 5) Stay in Haven or seek adventure with Ryan.