Life is Strange True Colors
Life is Strange True Colors

It is not always easy to determine the best course of action in Life is Strange: True Colors. The latest work in the series features a brand new story where players can control Alex Chen and they have to solve a personal puzzle using her empathic abilities.

In order to not get Bedazzled Kiwi Schnapps and force Stephen to face the shot, Alex must guess the song she chooses on the jukebox. Before the player can guess the answer, she must ask 5 questions.

These are the correct choices to guess the song:

  • Band Name Question – Has a symbol?
  • Song Title Question – Four words or more?
  • Song Title Question – Curse word?
  • Cover Art Question – People on the cover?
  • Personal Question – Why do you like it?

Out of all tracks only one is correct, so the players can win the Jukebox game with Steph, by choosing “Kiss Up and Shut Me” by the F*ckadelics.

After this Steph drinks the shot and they both spend the time with each other. Though not a major choice, these choices can change the direction and pace of the game and affect other choices.

Life is Strange True Colors Jukebox Game: How to Win

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