If you wish to save Arabella in Baldur’s Gate 3, you will have to go and communicate with the performing Druid chief at Emerald Grove. After defeating the goblin assault and speaking to Zevlor, you are prone to run into a pair arguing with the druid guards on the backside of some broad steps. Komira and Locke need their daughter again—she’s been caught stealing an idol and the Druids are going to cast their judgement on her.

In fact, it isn’t so simple as that and you will have a number of dialogue choices, to deal with. On this guide, I am going to stroll you thru what it’s good to do to save lots of Arabella from the druids so she will be able to reunite along with her dad and mom. 

Learn how to save Arabella 

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Baldur's Gate 3 save Arabella

Arabella’s dad and mom location. (Picture credit score: Larian Studios)
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Baldur's Gate 3 save Arabella

The big stone door that results in Kagha. (Picture credit score: Larian Studios)

As soon as you’ve got spoken to Arabella’s dad and mom and picked up the search to save lots of her, head again down the steps and discuss to the druid guards. You will be given dialogue choices: select both “If it weren’t for me, you would be overrun by goblins,” or  “I am not on the lookout for bother. Are you able to simply let me by”. They will allow you to go and let you know that the performing chief Kagha needs to speak to you.

As soon as contained in the round space of Emerald Grove, search for the massive stone door to the north, on the 12 o’clock place. Head down the steps to search out Kagha and Arabella, in addition to Kagha’s snake that’s threatening her. You will be given a couple of dialogue choices right here:

  1. Thief? Poison? What’s this woman’s precise crime?
  2. Imprison her? She’s only a baby.
  3. Do nothing.
  4. One in all your guards outdoors mentioned you needed to see me. Right here I’m.

Both of the primary two decisions right here work. (Picture credit score: Larian Studios)

You could have different decisions, relying in your race and sophistication however selecting both of the primary two choices progresses the search to the subsequent dialogue alternative. 

  1. [Nature] Do not Druids cherish concord? Jailing the ladies disrupts nature’s stability.
  2. [Persuasion] Launch her. I am going to see that she stays out of bother.
  3. [Detect thoughts] Learn Kagha’s thoughts.
  4. Preserve silent
  5. Put together to assault.
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Baldur's Gate 3 save Arabella

Once more, selecting one of many first two choices will save Arabella. (Picture credit score: Larian Studios)
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Baldur's Gate 3 save Arabella

Darkish Urge or class decisions could seem too. (Picture credit score: Larian Studios)
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Baldur's Gate 3 save Arabella

In the event you fail the roll, you will get one other probability to save lots of Arabella. (Picture credit score: Larian Studios)

In the event you’re Darkish Urge, you will get two further choices right here, neither of which it is best to take if you wish to save Arabella—largely as a result of they contain luring her to her dying. For everybody else, selecting any of the primary two choices above sees Kagha launch Arabella, although you will need to undergo an Intelligence verify for the primary alternative or a Charisma verify for the second. That mentioned, in the event you fail both of the roll checks, you will get one other probability to save lots of her with the subsequent dialogue alternative: 

  • Your snake is ready to kill this baby. Would you like her dying in your fingers?

You will obtain Komira’s Locket as a reward. (Picture credit score: Larian Studios)

Kagha will let Arabella go, so return to Komira and Locke on the steps where you first picked up the search. Communicate to them to see Arabella reunited along with her dad and mom and decide a dialogue possibility. You are rewarded with Komira’s Locket, a necklace that grants the wearer the power to cast Dancing Lights, a cantrip that illuminates a 9m radius. Alternatively you may give it to Gale to have him be taught the Dancing Lights capability completely, or let him eat it as a part of his want to make use of magical objects for his situation.