As you traverse the Mindflayer’s ship at first of Baldur’s Gate 3, you will come throughout just a few companions, specifically Us the Mind and Lae’zel the Githyanki. As you close to the top of the act, you will come throughout a cleric named Shadowheart who’s trapped in one of many Mindflayer’s pods. She might be recruited into your social gathering in the event you discover a strategy to free her, so here is tips on how to rescue Shadowheart from the pod.

Learn how to free Shadowheart

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Shadowheart trapped inside a mindflayer pod

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a corpse holding an eldritch rune

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an eld standing over an eldritch console

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In the direction of the top of the primary act upon the Nautiloid ship, you will enter a room on the best way to the helm with a restoration level to the proper and a glowing pink pod to the left. Work together with the pod to talk to Shadowheart, who’ll beg you to let her out. There is a console to the proper of her you can work together with, and you may uncover that there is an empty socket and that the rune that fills it’s lacking.

Head to the room to the left of the pod and console. Inside, there is a pod, a console, and a corpse—simply what you’d count on, actually. Interacting with the console turns the particular person within the pod right into a new child Mindflayer, in order that’s good. In the event you search the physique in the back of the room, you will discover an Eldritch Rune. 

As soon as you have picked up the rune, work together with the console once more to inset free Shadowheart and she’s going to be part of your social gathering, so long as you go an Illithid/Knowledge test. It is solely a two, so except you are tremendous unfortunate, you will go the test however perhaps save beforehand simply in case.

She’ll stick with you for the rest of this part and you will discover her once more when you attain the Ravaged Seashore. She’ll acknowledge the actual fact you rescued her and thanks for it, and you may achieve some approval.