The Palbox is the base of operations in Palworld, serving as a hub for both the player and their Pals. Upon booting up a game of Palworld, setting up a base is one of the first things to accomplish and invest in. But as players defeat bosses, capture more Pals, and upgrade their characters, they might want to change scenery and move their base slightly. Thankfully, this is possible with special functions that Palworld offers its players.

However, the initial moving process can seem confusing. To move your base in Palworld, you must make some adjustments as you utilize a few in-game tools. Moreover, you’ll have to cope with some tedious actions once the process gets going. With this in mind, here are some notes to consider when moving your base in Palworld.

Image Credit: Pocketpair.

Moving your base around the Palpagos Islands in Palworld can quickly be done by dismantling the Palbox (or Pal Box to some). The map provides easy access for this, though choosing the option while on-site is the best route. Doing so gives you a visual reference of what will break apart and what might stay together regarding structures. Approach the Palbox while in Disassembly Mode (via Build) to highlight it, select the “Disassemble” option, and the Palbox will be broken down.

Before you go through with this, it’s best to establish your secondary base upon attaining base level 10. It will warrant another base location to build; find a spot wherever you choose on the Palpagos Islands and erect a new Palbox. Furthermore, while in Disassembly Mode, break down any structures to regain any materials used.

As a reminder, a Palbox only needs a small number of materials for it to be built. The player must gather the following items to construct a new Palbox, thus establishing a new base:

  • Paldium Fragment (x1)
  • Stone (x3)
  • Wood (x8)

Use this location to transfer items from your previous base to the new one using the fast travel functions from both Palboxes. A third location is unlocked after reaching level 15.

Palbox Disassembly Warnings

As a warning, after selecting the “Disassemble” option, the game will inform the player of what will happen due to the deconstructed Palbox. Four Notes will appear upon choosing to dismantle the Palbox:

  • “Note: Structures not placeable outside of base will be disassembled.”
  • “Note: Some structures will not be disassembled and will remain.”
  • “Note: All Pals at this base will be stored in your Palbox.”
  • “Note: Doing this will not cause any of your Pals to disappear.”

A further message explains that it cannot be restored once the Palbox is taken apart. There are some aspects to worry about here when the Palbox is demolished. Some structures will remain intact as long as they’re within the vicinity of the base. Others will be destroyed, leaving behind the materials that built them. In a way, it seems that nothing is guaranteed to stay intact. It may just leave a big mess behind for you to pick up.

Expert Tip

Pals with the Transporting ability can assist the player in gathering loose materials from the ground and putting them into storage containers. As such, assign a Pal or two with Transporting as their Work Suitability via the Palbox to pick up items either at the old base from demolished structures or at the new one to get them working. A few Pals that come to mind here include Cattiva, Daedream, and Sparkit, all of whom are relatively easy to encounter, obtain, and train.

Image Credit: Pocketpair.

One of the issues with real estate in Palworld is that there are no transport vehicles to haul equipment and resources from one location to another. In other words, players must manually transfer their belongings and materials from the old base to the new one with the fast travel mechanic.

To move your things efficiently, build several storage containers around the Palboxes to store resources. Then, stack up on whatever you can muster, access the Palbox, select the fast travel option, and choose the base you want to go to. Finally, dump the materials into a container upon arrival, then repeat the process. Also, be sure to have some kindling for the torches and Campsites ready for when nighttime strikes.

Depending on how big or small your base is, you might have to do this more than a few times. Preparation is vital when establishing more than one headquarters in Palworld. It’s always a good idea to never dismantle a Palbox if a secondary location hasn’t been built. Ensure you have your other center all set up if you’re ready to make some moves in the game.