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How to Get and Use Void Eggs in Stardew Valley


How to Get and Use Void Eggs in Stardew Valley

On: June 21, 2023

The livestock trade of Stardew Valley tends to be typical fare. Cows, chickens, sheep; nothing that you wouldn’t expect to find in reality. But, as this is a fantasy game, it would be a shame if we didn’t get the odd creature every now and then. And one of the game’s most unusual creatures comes from the abyss! Void Sheep, spawned from Void Eggs, are a strange and unique resource in Stardew Valley that isn’t the most useful thing on the surface. So, let’s dissect this black oval and figure out all the ways we can use it!

How to Get A Void Egg

In order to get a Void Egg in Stardew Valley, you will need to get a random event in town. The random event occurs whenever you have a Big or Deluxe Coop that isn’t full. A Witch will fly over your coop and leave behind the strange, black egg that can be hatched into a Void Chicken. You can also get them from the NPC Krobus, Void Salmon ponds, or by letting another Void Chicken lay one.

Sadly, the most cost-effective way to get your first Void Egg is to wait for the random Witch event to occur. To do this, you will first need to upgrade your Coop into, at minimum, a Big Coop. This is a costly venture, as upgrading the Chicken Coop costs 10,000g, 400 wood, and 150 stone. But, it lets you house plenty of different fowls and even dinosaurs! So, it’s well worth your time to work toward.

If you can’t stand random chance, you can also purchase it from Krobus, an NPC that lives in the Sewer. He sells goods down in the Sewers, which unlocks when you find the Rusty Key. Unfortunately, his Void Egg costs 5,000g. This is a huge money sink, since the eggs themselves don’t turn much of a profit. Still, if you can take the loss, this is the most guaranteed way to get them!

Alternatively, you can farm Dark Salmon and, once their pond is full, you can get an egg to drop there. This process might cost even more than upgrading the coop, since you basically have to beat the game first and unlock the Dark Talisman questline. We recommend either rolling the random event or purchasing it from Krobus.

How to Raise Void Chickens

Void Chickens work much like normal chickens, where placing a Void Egg in an incubator for about a week will hatch them. They lay a Void Egg every day after maturing, and eat the same food as a typical chicken. The Void Chicken even sells for as much as a standard chicken!

The only difference between a Void Chicken and a normal Chicken is their eggs. This is obviously very nice, as taking care of a weird chicken with different requirements would be a headache.

Void Egg Use in Crafting and Recipes

Void Eggs are valid to use in any recipe that calls for an Egg, from Omelets to Crab Cakes. However, by placing them in the Mayonnaise Machine, you can create Void Mayonnaise, an impressive upgrade from the original egg’s selling price.

While Void Eggs can be used in standard recipes, regular chicken eggs tend to be more profitable outright. Large Eggs are more commonplace, and normal eggs make the same recipes as Void Eggs can.

That being said, Void Mayonnaise is a surprise hit in the town! It sells for 275 at base, only 10 less than the Mayonnaise that a Large Egg makes. That can make you some serious dough!

Using Void Eggs To Befriend Krobus

Krobus, the Shadow Monster that lives in the Sewer, absolutely loves Void Eggs. He and Sebastian are the only two characters that like the black eggs as gift, but Krobus is the only NPC that will love a gift of Void Mayonnaise. You can give Krobus two gifts per week, and an additional one on Winter 1. This otherwise works like giving a villager a gift.

As usual, giving gifts will increase your heart affinity with that character. While you cannot marry Krobus, you can invite him to live in your home by giving him a Void Ghost Pendent. This works quite a lot like a marriage, honestly. However, Krobus doesn’t do chores, doesn’t show romantic emotes, and will not give you a ceremony. However, he does give gifts and hug the player, and will even help care for kids from previous marriages. You don’t need to divorce him, either! You can just evict him for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Void Eggs Valuable?

Not really. Large Eggs from chickens with high Heart values are more valuable by default. Void Mayonnaise is surprisingly high-profit, however, and isn’t difficult to make.

Are Void Eggs Required For Community Bundles?

No community bundle requires Void Eggs or Void Mayonnaise as of the current patch.

Can Void Eggs Be Used Like Regular Eggs In Cooking?

Yes, Void Eggs, much like Large Eggs, work fine in any recipe that calls for an Egg.

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