Learn how to Get All the Endings in Card Shark
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You typically hear rumors in regards to the fates of individuals and international locations being gambled away on a game of playing cards, but when Card Shark is any indication, it’s not that straightforward. It takes many video games of playing cards and a lot of dishonest earlier than you possibly can play on the gambling-for-the-fate-of-others stage. Of course, that’s precisely the scenario you’ll end up in on the finish of the game, and the exact manner you play will change the story’s consequence. Here’s how one can get all of the endings in Card Shark.

After efficiently convincing King Louis XV of MacGregor’s treachery within the remaining act, the King will request one remaining game of playing cards between you, him, the Comte, and Erdnase. Whoever wins this final spherical may have the King’s undivided consideration as he decides how he ought to deal with your personal duplicitous actions.

In order to help you, the Comte and Erdnase will educate you one remaining dishonest trick, the Expert Dealer. They’ll undergo it with you, however right here’s the quick model:

  • Use a Bottom Drag to skim the deck and mark all 4 aces.
  • Use a False Riffle Shuffle to combine up the playing cards, ensuring to drop the pack of aces collectively.
  • Use Palm Glimpse to steal the pack of aces from the underside of the deck. It’ll all the time be on the underside, so you possibly can seize it immediately.
  • Use Shark Deal to deal the aces from the underside of the deck to your required goal.

Since you’ll ideally have all 4 aces on the backside of the deck, you should use Shark Deal to fully management who wins the game. The participant you deal all 4 aces to, in addition to another elements, will management which ending you get.

Cheat for Yourself

If you deal all 4 aces to your self, you’ll win, however Erdnase will sneak a fifth ace into your hand, outing you as a cheater. The Comte will take the autumn for you and be executed in secret, when you and Erdnase will probably be ordered out of Versailles.

Cheat for Louis XV

If you deal all 4 aces to the King, the Comte will decry the King as a despot rigging the whole nation in his favor. He’ll be arrested and thrown into the Bastille, when you and Erdnase depart scot-free.

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Cheat for the Comte

If you deal all 4 aces to the Comte, Erdnase will sneak the fifth ace to his hand as an alternative. The Comte makes use of the chance to inform the King to his face what he thinks of the state of France. The King takes poorly to this and has him arrested, although his destiny after that’s unknown.

Cheat for Erdnase

If you deal all 4 aces to Erdnase, the King will suspect him of dishonest, however Erdnase will dismiss it, saying he already bought what he needed in having MacGregor arrested. The King will dismiss all three of you, and the Comte will go to you recurrently whereas Erdnase disappears.

Learn how to Get All the Endings in Card Shark
Image through Nerial/Devolver Digital

Get Caught Cheating

If you spend too lengthy in your methods and max out the suspicion meter, the King may have all three of you arrested and despatched to Guyana. The Comte will die, Erdnase will escape, and also you’ll serve a 15-year sentence till Louis XVI takes energy.

Mess Up the Trick

If you botch your trick and lose observe of the aces, the Comte will throw a tantrum, telling you off for being a sloppy cheat earlier than being carted away. All three of you can be imprisoned within the Bastille for an indeterminate interval.

Don’t Cheat at All

If you mark the unsuitable playing cards on objective throughout your Bottom Drag, no one will win the game. The King will probably be glad with this, because it meant nobody cheated. He’ll let all of you go, although not earlier than telling you that there’s nothing he might give you, whether or not you’re his son or not.

No matter which ending you get, you’ll get a short epilogue afterward where you’ll return to Pau and take possession of Ms. Porterhouse’s tavern. Depending on how a lot you donated to the Cascarots over the course of the game, you’ll learn of how well-regarded you grew to become post-revolution. You’ll additionally get an opportunity to point out one in every of your patrons a little bit of sleight-of-hand, or you possibly can simply choose to go pet your canine and depart effectively sufficient alone.