Black marble is a brand new and essential useful resource that was launched with the Valheim Mistlands update. You may want it to assemble new crafting stations, permitting you to make new gadgets that can assist you survive within the Mistlands biome. You may as well use it for a few new furnishings items to assist make your base really feel a bit homier.

The Valheim Mistlands update launched a tonne of stuff alongside the brand new biome and there is a new boss to seek out and take down, too. For those who’re simply beginning out exploring the mysterious Mistlands, nevertheless, and also you’re questioning easy methods to mine black marble in Valheim, I am going to clarify all the things you might want to know.

Valheim black marble: Learn how to discover this useful resource 

Black marble is a bit totally different from different sources in that you simply’re not searching for the fabric itself with a purpose to farm it. Positive there are many buildings and columns manufactured from the stuff within the Mistlands, however not solely does mining this take completely ages, you are more likely to annoy the locals when you’re at it.

The higher choice is to search for massive skeletons littered across the new biome. You may know you’ve got discovered the proper factor as it can say petrified bone once you hover your reticle over it. So what does previous bone need to do with black marble? Nicely, mining petrified bone is the way you get black marble. 

Fortunately, in contrast to the opposite kinds of Valheim ore, you may take black marble by means of portals. So for those who discover a good farming spot, set one up so you may ferry the useful resource again to your base.

(Picture credit score: Iron Gate)

Learn how to mine black marble 

Earlier than you get too excited and rush straight to your nearest Mistlands biome although, there are a few belongings you’ll wish to put together first. You are going to want a super-strong instrument to mine with, so which means you will have to convey a black steel pickaxe together with you.

For a black steel pickaxe, you will want the next:

  • Black steel x20
  • Yggdrasil wooden x3

Black steel could be discovered within the Plains biome and is usually present in chests or dropped by the enemies there. The Yggdrasil wooden is discovered within the Mistlands and you will want a black steel axe to reap it—fortunately although, this instrument is constructed from the way more widespread “positive wooden”.

Because the petrified bone is discovered within the densely misty areas of the Mistlands, bringing a Wisp Mild with you is worth it to assist with visibility. That means, you may really see the previous skeletons you are searching for, in addition to the enemies that is likely to be lurking close by. Good luck on the market.