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How to Catch Marlin in Dave the Diver


How to Catch Marlin in Dave the Diver

On: January 23, 2024

Image Credit: Mintrocket.

The Blue Hole Tourism Committee proudly invites local restaurant owners to participate in the new Marlin Party for Dave the Diver. Bancho Sushi serves many dishes, and Dave and his associates must prepare various meals with Marlin as a main ingredient. As such, Dave must assemble his diving gear to help him search for the Istiophoridae species required for the party.

With only a few days until the party can commence, Dave must explore the Blue Hole to ensure that the Bancho Sushi staff members have enough slices of Marlin to serve all needs. Luckily, Dave the Diver players won’t need to venture far to discover the giant fish. Dave will, however, need some tools to help him capture one.

Image Credit: Mintrocket.

Players in Dave the Diver can successfully capture a Marlin by deploying the Salvage Drone. The drone will collect the giant specimen once Dave smacks its health down with an upgraded weapon. For example, wielding an upgraded Shock Harpoon Tip has a high chance of paralyzing the big fish; swimming up to the dormant fish will prompt the drone to be sent down. However, Dave needs to stay vigilant of the Marlin’s swift and aggressive movements; dealing with one of these bigger fish can be challenging for some inexperienced adventurers.

Players can use a Tranquilizer Harpoon Tip or a Steel Net Gun to obtain the desired fish for a safer approach. The harpoon tip lies randomly in the supply crates throughout the Blue Hole, so this might not be the best course for some players. Crafting a Steel Net Gun is the best alternative to entrapping sea creatures safely. Doing so will give Dave a 3-star fish to return to the restaurant.

Upon retrieving the fish, Dave can learn more about its characteristics and general location in the Blue Hole. The Marlin, according to the MarinCA smartphone app, is a “fast and very violent swimmer that can swim up to a speed of 100 km/h. It swings its spear-like upper jaw to hit or slash its prey.” Designated as a rank eight fish, the Marlin swims within the Blue Hole Shallows, 0-50m beneath the surface level. They’re only active during the day, and they weigh 7.5kg.

Expert Tip

The Marlin Party is a seasonal event requiring Dave the Diver to retrieve Sailfish for the restaurant. While exploring the Blue Hole, players should look out for the Sailfish, which belong to the same Istiophoridae family. It lives in the Shipwreck Interior of the Blue Hole Medium Depths, so be sure to kill two birds with one stone as you look to accommodate the Marlin Party guests.

Cooking with Marlin

Image Credit: Mintrocket.

The big fish is the star of the show in the Marlin Party event. There are five recipes that players can use for the party, with only two requiring Marlin as an ingredient. It’s all detailed in the following list, which includes the ingredients needed for each dish:

  • Boiled Sailfish and Seaweed – Sailfish Meat (x3), Southern Bull Kelp (x2), Kajime (x2), and Soy Sauce (x1)
  • Marlin Sushi – Marlin Meat (x1)
  • Marin and Soybean Paste Roast – Marlin Meat (x3), Garlic (x2), and Miso (x1)
  • Sailfish Sushi – Sailfish Meat (x1)
  • Truffle Sailfish Tartare – Sailfish Meat (x3), Purple Sea Urchin (x3), and Truffle (x1)

Like the Marlin, Sailfish will appear in the Blue Hole once Dave receives the above-party invitation. Dave can always view more information about the party on his handy smartphone. Learning about bigger fish in the MarinCa app is always best when dealing with bigger fish. It should go without saying, yet it’s easy to get lost in the Blue Hole when newer fish begin to appear.