League of Legends has “a lot of flex to go” for brand spanking new champion concepts

Image through Riot Games

Plenty of multiplayer video games promote themselves on their huge and various character rosters, however nothing, not even Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with its 80+ characters, comes near how large League of Legends‘ roster is. The game has been out for over 10 years and currently boasts a whopping 160 different champions to choose from (with the latest addition, Nilah, arriving only last month), and that number is only going to go up.

One naturally can’t assist however surprise if Riot Games will finally run out of concepts or not less than put a cap on how large the roster can get. According to steer game designer Matthew Leung-Harrison, the crew has “got a lot of flex to go” with regards to including extra characters.

Speaking with PCGamesN, Leung-Harrison offered some perception into the design course of for brand spanking new champions, explaining that all should have one thing distinctive about them. However, additionally they want to stay intuitive “so as not to consume that mindshare budget.”

What he means by that’s, whereas it’s essential to have each character really feel distinctive, there nonetheless must be some similarities between them. Having 160 characters which might be all basically totally different could be too overwhelming for gamers to memorize. For instance, hook champions like Thresh all have a capability that brings an opponent nearer to them, however additionally they work barely otherwise so that they don’t all really feel like the identical character.

Basically, the crew must strike a steadiness and it’s provided that they permit themselves to make unintuitive characters that don’t observe established expectations that it’s going to develop into tough to create new ones.

“If we make unintuitive champions, then yes, the cap to making more champions is an issue,” he says. “It’s only when we do something that completely subverts the expectation of what that spell, or what that missile, or what that VFX means then we get into problems.”

Leung-Harrison’s feedback in the end counsel that Riot has no intention of slowing down on including new characters to the game. It’s doable it’ll have to cease in some unspecified time in the future but it surely sounds just like the crew has a great deal of concepts it needs to implement sooner or later. Let’s see if they will attain 200.